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a few of my gong bings.. thought id share..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Knottydreadhead, May 4, 2006.

  1. whats up guys.. havent posted on gc in a long wile.. just thought id share a few of my bings.. this is only part of my collection..ill post some of my heady pieces sometime..

    illadelph worked section
    jp stemless worked
    spectrum 69 2 foot bubble bottom
    3 foot bluedot 2x perc diffused (9mm)
    18 inch bd perc (7mm)
    repaured 9mm bd

    i have more.. this is just what i have pics of.. heady bowls too..

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  2. few more..

    Attached Files:

  3. Very impressive collection! That zong sure is a fat rip. :eek:
  4. damn.. didnt post pics of the stemless for some reason.. this 5 pic limit is messin with me..


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  5. thanks.. got a few more that i dont have pics of at the moment.. got a few roors on the way including a perc and an 18inch white label i believe..
  6. damn.. im so bored, heres some more pics..

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  7. amazing collection you got there. VERY impressive

    nice ass lookin buds you got there too, i bet you are quite the party person to chill with, with all those pieces :smoke:
  8. yes, i too am amazed with that zong, i bet it hits so good, if you dont own your own headshop with all those peices then you have way too much money and need to share.
    :p but yes, i like all those peices so much, didnt see a single one i would dissagree with.
    im impressed.

    edit: and i see you and your friends have a very good taste in music, i saw pink flloyd, against me!, and van halen, good shit.
  9. wanna be friends...? :hello: :wave:

    hahaha, damn nice collection, i hope one day i can build mine up to that level!
  10. I love you. I love that bong with all the curves. Your collection is AWESOME!

    edit: is it real Zong Toy Co.?

  11. move over bobbert... theres a new cat in town and he's got knotted dreds
  12. ^ya, lol

    love the stemless, i want one so bad and the fact that it has a color matching perc is awsome.

    i love the last pic in the first two posts, milkage with a pink floyd shirt, does not get much better then that.
  13. veery nice collection .. thats alot of shit haha musta cost a shitload
  14. wow

    thats fuckin awesome

    how the hell do you get so much money for those things and still have enough money to smoke weed??

    amazing collection

    i bet you rarely ever smoke joints or blunts, too many toys too little time

    have fun collecting all that resin(thatl be a good day)
  15. damn thats a super tight collection i wish i had some of those so i dont have to put up with harsh chemicals in papers
  16. Thats one hell of a collection man nice, bud looks great too.

    That zong is sick :smoking:
  17. All I have to say is WOW. +all the rep I can
  18. + fucking Rep

    sick ass pieces i wish i had that many heady pieces/bongs.:D
  19. Definately have to +rep this collection!
  20. thanks guys.. ill get pics of some other ones when i have some time.. this really isnt all of them.. :O and when my roors get here itll be a good day..

    off to puff some lavender kif all by its lonesome out of the spotless illadeplh.. :D

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