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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DJ420Chillin, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I had purchased a 250 watt HPS system without researching enough a few months ago. Last week, I bought an additional 400 watt HPS system and also I received a pack of 10 feminized white widow seeds in the mail, germinated them and 9 sprouted. I am giving one plant to a friend and I want to grow 8 at once. Here are my questions....

    1) Im planning on using both my 250 watt and 400 watt at the same time on the 8 plants. Anyone else ever use two HPS lights at once and would it be better than just running the 400 watt alone??

    2) How much yield could I expect off 8 white widow plants under both lights if I veg them for two months before switiching to 12/12?? They are sprouting right now under a T5 4' 50 watt light until my other plant is done flowering 7 weeks from today. Also, Im growing in soil if that helps too.

    3) Anyone ever use organic Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom on their plants and how well did it work??

    Thanks guys and sorry for the randomness of the questions but I'm trying to gain as much information as possible before my first big grow.:smoking:
  2. 1) Better light coverage with two seperate lights. 3 600 watt lights will put out more light coverage than 2 1000 watt lights.

    2)Somewhere between a joint and 8 pounds, give or take a few grams.

    I really wouldn't suggest putting those 8 seedlings under that t-5 for all 7 weeks until the other plant is done flowering.

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