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    So I've actually dedicated myself a little more over the weekend.
    I'm currently working out of a small closet cabinet 1.5f x 3f x 4f tall with 260w ish of cfls on three plants and two seedlings two 65w one 40w two 24w all 2700k and two 24w daylight 5000k and 6500k I have two fans in the space one 6 inch clip on fan and one old barn fan with a square vent

    This weekend I built a box that I think should be great but I need a little advice
    It's 2' x 5' x 4' tall I painted the inside flat white and tomorrow I will be cutting the holes for ventilation and power my questions are:

    When I get everything set up will I need to add more lights?
    How can I make my small square shoot on the fan work with ducting and if I'm just not researching enough and they make square ducting do they make filters that fit on it or will I have to build my own?
    If I do put a carbon filter on it will I have to vent outside or does it really take care of scent that well?
    Should I run from more than one outlet? Or does it matter since they are on the same circuit anyway?
    Would I need more fans?
    Should I invest in mylar?

    And I just bought a fox farm nutrient trio pack and I'm terrified that I'm going to burn up my babies all I've been using was schultz concentrated 10 15 10
    Does it come with guides and such or is it going to be trial and error?
    Sorry for bombarding with questions but I've put a lot of time and effort into this to waste it I'm about to post some pics on this thread to give a little more perspective aswell

    Thanks in advance :)
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    You definitely will want more light, and best to get one or two HID lamps rather than a ton of CFLs. HIDs are twice as efficient as CFLs, so even if you get the same wattage in CFLs as the HID you're delivering only half the light.

    With HIDs you want 50-100 watts per sq ft as a general rule of thumb, with CFLs double that. Your space will be 10 sq ft, you don't have to fill all of that but if you do then you'll have to light it all properly.

    Carbon filter doesn't have to vent outside, if it's matched to the grow setup then it will kill the odor from the ventilation. You need negative pressure in the grow space to keep any odor from escaping and sending it all into the filter.

    Fox Farm you'll be fine, just follow the instructions on their website but cut the amounts in half.

    There's no way for us to know if you'll need a new fan or not, ventilation is something the grower needs to trial-and-error in their own unique space. Especially when it involves an "old barn fan", who knows what that means?

    The mylar question -- you did good painting flat bright white, mylar is about the only thing better. You're talking 5-10 percentage points higher reflectivity. You can make an argument for leaving it as is, flat bright white is an excellent reflective surface and maybe put mylar on your wish list for sometime after you get your grow running smoothly. You also could make an argument that myar isn't that much (about $25/roll) and if you think that you are likely to upgrade to mylar one day then you might as well make the investment now so you get the most benefit from it. Personal choice, you can't go wrong.

    Edit: if you do get mylar, be sure to get horticulture-grade mylar on a roll, mirror finish, at least 1mm thick. Some folks may steer you to emergency camping blankets but they are not the same and will reflect less than the flat bright white you have up now.
  4. I'm not sure what the actual name for the fan is a blower fan maybe? They are used to vent tobacco barns I was going to use it to run the ductwork its about 6 x 6 x 5in closed in blows from a small square outlet open on one side. The grow box is air tight so it will have negative pressure

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