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  1. Hi all..

    As promised some more pics. My plants are four wks in veg and im still not sure if there going to be ok as i burnt them with my HPS when i started using it. Its seems wierd because apart from the burn and that they are still growing strong.

    What do u guys think??



    PS When should i strat to flower them??

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  4. they seem quite tall.......after you burned them, did you move the light away, maybe too far, that they stretched a bit?.......how far away do you have the lights now, and what is the room temp..........?........Peace out.........Sid
  5. Hi Sid.. Thanks for quick reply...

    Yes you are right, i did move the light! the light is currantly 16 inches away from the plants, the temp is 28 degress 81f. Temp has been a hudge problem for me although i have got a fresh air in feed, and extraction at top to draw out old air. Deskfan running inside to...... What do you think is going wrong???
  6. what type of soil? what have you used for ferts and how often are you watering?
  7. Im using a high quality tomato growing soil, I use the method of feeling into the soil and waitng for it to feel alittle dry then i water, which is about every second or third day, i have noticed that the soil is getting dry quicker now i have the hps, i have got some miracle grow but have not used it yet, I may get another fert as every one seems to advise against the use of miracle grow? I forgot to add that im using 15% vermiculite and 15% Perlite in my soil as well.
  8. looks to be heat stress. what size hps and how close did you have it original? do you have a fan runnin under the light to keep it cooler?
  9. Yep i think you are right, I have a fan ruuning under the 400watt hps although it is not the biggest in the world, do you think 81f is to hot, or do you think the way they are is of a result of the earlier burning. Is there anything i can do to help them? Shall i add another fan? by the way the strain is Nothern Lights. PH is also 6.5.
  10. i would add 2 more if possible. especially if you dont have anything to vent out with. i have a fan sitting in the corner of my room facing at a 45 degree angle, up to the light. then i have a fan attached to the light and another fan attached to the door. i know my heat is somewhere in the mid to low 80's i ve never checked. but yes if you can, i would add another fan in there to get air moving. it is most important and it will benifit you greatly in the end. kmarts have the perfect attachment fans
  11. oops, sorry youre in the uk, maybe kmarts wont work for you :) but a small desk fan im sure you can find. 2 of them :)
  12. what size of growroom are you using?.......and more fans will help, but that hot air has to get out somehow, the key is to have the temp at a steady level, and get the HPS as close as possible, without hurting the plant.......this gives a shorter, more bushier plant, and helps to produce larger yields.........before using the HPS, i allways do dry runs to check the temp, before putting the plants in..........Peace out........Sid
  13. Many thanks ill go get a couple now, ill keep you informed on my progress, i see what evrey one means by getting out there and growing is the best method of learning, there is quite alot to get right !!!!!
  14. Ive got a bathroom extractor at the top pulling out warm air, getting the cooler air in from the bottom is more tricky than anything, At least i have got somewere to start to try and put things right cheers. Growroom is wardrobe 3ft * 6ft.

  15. HIGH All, been growing for over 20 years and I'm still learning...something new everyday.

    Ventilation is so important...glad to see your doing it...isn't this fun wattew!!!!
  16. Hi all...

    About when to stop veg and start flowering, I understand this is a well debated subject, but i have know idea really of when to stop them veging and start flowering, i mean i have an average size growroom with an a basic setup which will do the job, so when do i pick the moment and decide to switch 12/12.
  17. wait until your plants take up about 70% of the maximum grow area or until the new growth has 11 leaf sets. switch the ladies over to 12/12 and flower away.
  18. or you can grow them out till they are around 12 inches and flower. indoor has restrictions. you must remember during flowering run, you are expected to double in size or top off at 28 inches.

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