A Few Lumatek Ballast Questions

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  1. Do i need the original ballast box and a recipt for the warranty on the ballasts? Also is there any way to tell how old, like what year the ballast was made in?

    Also how hot does a 600w hps get when it isnt in a cool tube?
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    Its a 600w lumatek by the way
  3. Yup look at the serial number. Opposite side of the label and fuses. First two numbers are year second two numbers are month. Google lumatek prorated warranty and it will explain more.
  4. Without the bulb being air cooled it gets very very hot.
  5. I have light bulb burns on my back...does that explain how hot they get? Working with a wife beater is not the best idea sometimes.
  6. Wow they really get that hot? I know they can extremly burn you if you touch them but i didnt know just being close to them can burn me

    So it isnt a good idea for heat, and safety to put a non air cooled hps in a 4x4 tent?

    Ill have a bunch of house fans i could point upwards towards the bulb and a 6" inline fan for exhaust But if the light will catch my tent on fire, or burn me and my plants. Ill just wait till i get a air cooled hood
  7. They were hanging lights that while working/walking around I ran into. Fyi I also burned a whole straight threw my north face jacket so just don't have contact with the bulb and u will be fine. Personally I haven't went back to hoods since going vertical, best stuff usually comes from me :)
  8. It will easily get over 100 degrees in there without being cooled.
  9. Sorry to shot u down but he said he has a six inch exhaust fan so I doubt it will get over 80 F. Also it depends where you live and where in the house u set everything up.

    Your tent will not catch fire, have everything secure and ur rdy to rock.
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    I live in canada :D so thankful that i do, i couldnt imagine having to deal with the temps in florida or something

    I will be setting up the hps in 30 mins because i got the idea that its safe to put the hps in there. Im happy it wont burn my house down if im careful

    It sucks that u burnt your jacket, im scared to get like half a foot away from the bulb so i dont think ill ever go too close to the bulb when its on

    And u said you dont use air cooled hoods? Thats good cause i dont see many people without them, and having u say that it wont burn my house down if im careful helps me really think that it will all be good if im safe

    Ill come back in an hour when the lights installed and tell u guys how hot the tent gets! Thanks for all the help and opinions
  11. On the top of the plants its about 81-83 degrees, the temp in the middle of the tent is around 80 degrees

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