a few little bublers of mine

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  1. just a few little bubblers i made for my lil pipe! they hit good af too! the square one is the best tho.. ill try to get some hit vids up soon!


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  2. haha wow man those look sick, gave me a few ideas also :D
  3. hey man, thanks! post your ideas up too!
  4. haha what'd you use for a bowl on the first/ second pic? (or what could i use?)
  5. umm i used a little keychain pipe... but you could use anything that fits on the tube!
  6. idk anything right off the top of my head tho sorry man..
  7. oh haha sweet but nah no worries, i'll find something haha
  8. thanks uno toke! and markcus post your pick up man! i wanna see!!
  9. I was thinking about dropping $50 on a grav labs bubbler, I think I'll just make my own instead
  10. Howd you make the hole on that glass bottle.?
  11. Those are hella tight! I've made some out of medicine bottles, but never a tic tac box.

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  12. yeah man make your own!!!! you can make one just like the gravlabs one just put the down stem and the bowl in the top of the cpontainer your using then mouthpeice thing and a carb hole! the bottle is plastic but you can get a hole in glass by using a dimond drill bit! and the tick tack one doessnt work the best because its 2 peices that fit together and then theres the lid flap thing. it works well but its not quite air tight, there are some leaks but the only way anybody could tell is if you told them!

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