A Few Issues with New Grow

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ccr422, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Room Size 10x8x10
    Lights 1000 w MH
    Temperature between 75 and 80
    Humidity between 40 and 60

    I went from some underpowered flouros, after a little research revealed mh was much better. I was busy during a part of the process and as a result the mh was hung too low for a short time. It also took a bit to get my temp and humidity back to where i needed them. Anyway during the overheating there was a some wilting and obvious damage as a result of the heat. I read that this would fix itself fairly quickily with watering and space between the light, as well as correct temperatures. My issue is I have been watering fairly conservatively, havent even used a half gallon, and I added a 1/4 solution of 3 1 3 nutes to the gallon. There seems to be some bleaching on a few of the leaves that I thought didnt get overheated, and im wondering if these leaves that wilted will bounce back.
    Could the bleaching be a PH problem?
    How will I know if its time to let the witled leaves go [prune them]
    Should I transplant to ocean forset soil or should I wait?
    Am I using too much light?
  2. The change over from floros to a 1000w MH could have caused a shock in addition to the light burn. I would back the lights off a little more, and keep watering regularly. I would let the plants stabilize before adding nutes or transplanting. And hold off on trimming leaves until they are obviously burned and dead. Wilted leaves will usually bounce back.

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