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A Few Grams of Blueberry Headband - Strain Review? [YAY PICTURES ADDED]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jakichan77, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Sorry for shitty picts, only had a small amount left that was compressed in a bag for like 3 days. Still dank.

    Went with a guy to go pick up a few grams of Blueberry Headband for $40. Great shit honestly. Took about 2-3 bong rips and was pretty damn hotboxing it up.
    Looks: Great. Simply and utterly great. Large, fluffy looking yet kind of dense, light green, almost whitish/grayish from all of the crystaly goodness on the surface. Bright & burnt orange hairs everywhere, poking out. 9/10
    Smell: The smell of the nugs smell somewhat fruity but earthy. It's like a bag of gushers mixed with the regular smell of skunky weed plus some fresh lettuce. It smelled really refreshing is my point. Once we broke it up and smelled it it was a bit more earthy, very good smelling but almost TOO much. Couldn't help myself enough in terms of picking up the bag and smelling it repeatedly. 8.5/10
    Smoke/Taste: Didn't really taste much different than your average dank. Very smooth smoke though. Went right down regardless of whether we were hitting from a bong or a one hitter. It was delightful, found myself hardly coughing while still getting very high. (Don't tell me, "oh it must've been shitty because you didn't cough!" I've smoked my fair share of weed and have come to the conclusion that how much I cough doesn't determine how high I get). 9/10
    High: Uplifting at first, but once it peaks, it peaks. Starts out very focused and happy. Found myself smiling a lot for no apparent reason other than I was happy to be where I was at the time smoking. Couldn't really find myself feeling depressed despite my usual come-down depression from being tired and thinking too much of things I wish I didn't think about. It's a very happy high (not that weed isn't a happy thing, I just felt great the entire time). I came down, but I didn't come down hard. It was a slow, smooth transition back to sobriety, but I didn't make it all back before falling asleep a few hours after smoking a fair share. Definitely good to keep you awake if you continue to smoke, but my buddies wanted to stop, so I had to respect that since we could only hotbox and I didn't want to go to the car alone at 3:45 AM. Very soothing night's rest, easy enough to wake up in the morning other than the slight out-of-it'ness you get which was probably just due to lack of sleep after being stoned.
    Very pleasant high, very nice Hybrid. 9/10
    Hopefully you've enjoyed my review. Go out there and try to find some Blueberry Headband.

  2. Nice review, thanks for sharing. Next time take pics first!
  3. If I buy from the same guy again I'll edit the post. Do try the strain if you get the chance!
  4. Pictures added, fellas!

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