A few fabrix pot Q's from a novice outdoor grower

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  1. Hey guys. Setting up my first outdoor grow just for recreation this summer and I have a few questions that I want to ask but first I will go over my set up

    5 clone plants that I got almost 2 weeks ago. They have been planted in 1 gallon fabric pots for just over a week.

    Medium is pro Mix HP
    Nutrients are advanced nutrients ph perfect with b52 and voodoo juice

    Things are growing well. One plant is a little slow but seem healthy

    First question:

    Can I go straight from 1 gallon to 30 gallon pots? Or should I go to say a 5 gallon first?

    When should I do the transplant? I've noticed a few roots starting to poke through the bottom of the fabric pots already

    Can I plant the entire 1 gallon fabrix pots directly into the 30 gallon fabric pots?I've heard this is doable and prevents transplant shock.

    Should I be adding anything else to my soil in the 30 gallon pots aside from.the pro Mix HP?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. In fabric pots up potting is pointless and messy as the roots grow into the fabric. Start in your final container. Since fabric pots air prune roots you'll never get the same effect you will by allowing a plants roots to fill a hard container and transplanting. One of the main selling points of fabric containers is air pruning

    Yes it's totally normal for the roots to grow through the fabric. They'll either grow into the ground or be air pruned.

    I go from solo cup straight into large fabric containers.
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  3. Thanks for the response.

    I am already in 1 gallon fabric pots. Can I just plant the entire pot into the 30 gallon pots or do I need to remove them from the fabric pots?
  4. Technically I guess you could but personally I wouldnt. My outdoor crops that are hard to get to I plant in the ground in the reusable cloth wal mart shopping sacks without issue. The bags are biodegradable and are gone by the next year.

    However I wouldnt personally do it indoors. If the roots are caught in the fabric work a knife between the bag and the soil and cut the roots. It will be fine as long as the plants healthy

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