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a few beginner questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cannabisfan24, May 24, 2010.

  1. Sup guys. I've only smoked about 3 times, once from a joint, and then from a blunt, and most recently from a spoon. My questions are:

    Is a vaping high as good as smoking? Whenever I smoke i'm always worried i'm fucking up my lungs (i only hold for around 5 seconds and never ghost. )

    Is it hard to smoke from a bong. It looks hard because you have to take such big hits

    Also, to those who have been tokin a while, how do you feel? Different from when you started? Less healthy? more healthy?

    thanks alot guys :wave:
  2. Vaping is the cleanest best way to get high i believe, and it will get you the highest. If you can smoke a blunt, you can smoke a bong. thats my opinion but i think you can.
    And I feel alot better from when I wasn't smoking. I feel more relaxed, more secure of a person, I feel healthy, and just an overall great feeling.

    oh and welcome to gc!! :wave:
  3. Blunts are THE worst! First, cigars are not supposed to be inhaled. Second, tobacco is very bad for your health, it's Americas number one killer.

    Since a vaporizer does not produce any bad smoke or tar(hence the "vapor") it does no damage to the body, and also produces a more clear, clean head high.

    Bongs may be harsh simply due to the large volume of smoke, but the water does cool the smoke down a little.

    If you want to roll, roll joints and not blunts.
  4. Vaping is by far the cleanest, and people have said that they've gotten higher than ever off vapes, so they definitely do work.

    The first time I smoked, I smoked from a bong, so you can definitely do it. It takes a little practice, but it's not that hard. If you cough a ton, don't worry, that's expected when beginners rip bongs.

    Keep tokin'!

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