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  1. i am really excited since this is my first grow. i ran into a few problems with my dwc set up early on but i think i corrected all the issues i had. i still have a few questions i cant seem to find easy.

    sorry about grammar my caps and symbols dont work for some reason when i use my phone on forums

    i want to go into flowering 5 weeks from planting the seeds. has anyone done this and what issues could i run into/

    i am doing a transition into flowering schedule but to get the 12/12 cycle how i want it i needed to extend my days during the transition. is 8/18-10/18-10/18-12/16-12/16-12/14 and then finally 12/12 there on. will i face any problems transitioning like this or is this ok/

    how do you guys switch to flowering nutes/ i was planning to clean res and add flowering nutes the day the transition is complete.

    can adding a frozen 2 liter bottle of ice to my res tanks harm the plants/ i have two 30 gal res tanks and the only way i can seem to keep temps below 70 is using frozen 2 liter bottles. i just worry i may affect the roots if the bottle rest too long on them.

    is it normal for plants in veg to grow outward a lot more than upward/ for example my biggest plant is 5 inches tall and about 13 inches wide.

    ok well thanks for any input. i will keep doing research but any advice or input is appreciated. this is my first grow and i researched a year before i even tried and i still feel like i got tons to learn to get though this grow.
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    Run 24 hours of light for mothers and seedlings.
    Run 18/6 for veg.
    Run 12/12 for first half of flower.
    Run 10/14 for second half of flower.

    I read your posts and must say that you need to do much more research.  try using the search button from the GC main site, because all of these questions are already answered tons of times...
    Also, your lighting schedules you ask about are very non-sensical..  Some of them add up to 28 hour days, etc.
     What will happen if you add ice to the resivour of a 5 inch plant, you ask?  umm, well it will probably die..  Marijuana will go into remission at 50 degrees.
    As far as nues, follow the instructions on the bottle.
    I'm not trying to sound mean here but I have a very hard time believing that you did a year of research before you started..  Good luck, but you can't ask for help and say that you have been researching for a year when you obviously havent.....  If you spent a good day reading you would answer all of these questions yourself...
  3. You go and ask the hydro guys about keeping your res temp lower with ice. Ive read of people doing this.

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  4. ok maybe i wasnt very clear on my questions. i have done tons of research and there is many conflicting info with everything. just like onefreeman recommends using nutes as directed on bottle when the majority say only use 1/4 recommended and work your way up. i was just wondering when to start the flowering nutes and stop the veg nutes. i also read many people who said they have used frozen bottles in their res before and had great results. i was trying to find out if anyone has used frozen bottles and had a bad problem. my temps only drop about 4 to 5 degrees in the whole res when i add a 2 liter to a 30 gal tote. the bottle completely melts within 60 to 90 min. having a controller tote would be ideal but its not in the cards atm.

    as far as my schedule question goes. i know the times for veg and flowering. i was asking about the week of transition. i read a few people will slowly transition from 18/6 to 12/12. i want to do this but also switch my lights to come on at night now. i was just wondering whats the worst that can happen by extending a few days for a week. i also read a post where a guy was even considering running 30 hour days for indoor 16/14, not sure if he tried it though, seemed a bit extreme. i also dont know what benefit he was shooting for.

    well thanks for input and sorry my questions werent clear enough.
  5. The bottle should tell you when to switch nutes.  If not, got based on first signs of flower as opposed to light change.
    I don't think there is a benefit to gradually decreasing light schedules to 12/12, but it shouldn't cause hermies (outdoor plants receive gradual decreases in light).  Some say to drop the light schedule to 8/16 for the last 2 weeks of flower, but it might be strain dependent.
    I don't know anything about reservoir temps, but if you're certain they are too high, I'd increase in small increments so you don't make the temp too cold.  Maybe you can figure out a system of 3 cubes in the morning, and 3 after work/school to keep it where you want it.

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