A few beginner grow questions!

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  1. Hey guys and gals,
    I appreciate yall taking a look. Anyhow, I have one plant that is growing extremely fast and is very beautiful. The querstion for this one is what is the safest way to repot this plant? I have it in a cup and I think it might be time to move to a pot. I also have two other plants that are growing, one is leaning way to the side for some reason but has now started to straighten up and the other is still growing but remains very small and the leaves look wilted but are still dark green and each day it grows more. Thanks.
  2. i'd like to know also
  3. when you feel the plant is too big for the current pot, time to transplant it
  4. By "safest" I take it you mean to keep from hurting the plant.
    • Fill the new larger pot with soil. Good to put a 1" layer of clean rock or perlite on the bottom first.
    • Scoop out a hole in the middle that the current pot would approximately fit into.
    • Take the current smaller pot and gently push in and out on two opposite sides a few times, then give it a quarter turn and do this again on opposite sides (so you do it to a total of four spots equal to four points of a compass). This will loosen the soil a bit.
    • Put one hand around the stem of the plant, palm down, against the top of the pot.
    • With the other hand lift the pot up
    • In one motion gently flip it over.
    • If the plant and all the soil don't slide out into your hand, gentlly but firmly spank the bottom of the pot until it slides out. Do not pull on the plant stem, just let it slide out. Ideally the soil will come out in one clump in the exact shape of the pot.
    • Put your other hand on the bottom of this soil clump and in one motion gently flip it back right side up.
    • Place it in the hole in the bigger pot.
    • Fill any gaps in the soil with some of the new soil, taking care to not disturb the soil clump with roots as much as possible.
    • If the soil clump sits low in the new soil, gently lift it back out with two hands and fill in the bottom of the hole a bit -- it's better if the soil clump sticks up a bit than if it sinks in too low, it will settle in a bit more over the next few days.
    • Once the plant and its soil are in the new pot, water thoroughly.
    Some experienced growers will loosen the soil clump around the roots, I don't advise that until you have more experience.

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