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  1. Helloooo :)

    I've got one or two questions that I'd appreciate a little help with if anyone has the time/knowledge..

    1st up! : Germination! I understand that leaving the seeds in a jug of water for a few hours helps a great deal (when they start to sink they are ready for the paper towel/rockwool - correct?) Does adding a drop of bleach to the water help with germination rates at all? When your seeds split, is it a good idea to transplant them straight into your grow room?
    I have an NFT 250 system, if I stick the seedlings under a 250 HPS light is it going to toast them good?!

    2nd up! : Vegitation stage! I've seen a bit of contradictory information on various newsgroups (all paling in comparison to grasscity) saying that its best to start with an 18/6 rather than a 24 hr light period (well actually, its kinda 50 - 50) is it worth the extra electric bills to run the lights 24/7 during the veg?

    Noooooooooooow.. Nutrients!

    3rd up! : Has anyone used birth control pills as an additive to their nutrients before? I hear that this has been found to be good..

    And last but not least... Is it a good idea to use the FIM topping technique? (can be found here : http://www.overgrow.com/faq/browse.php?qa=727) I know its a few questions, but you would be helping me out alot if ya could reply..!


  2. I wouldn't recommend putting any bleach in the water. If you want to boost their germantion rates then give them a drop of SuperThrive. When the seed sprouts put it straight into your medium.

    Seedlings grow under the sun from the start. So, why not have them under the HPS right off the bat? As long the bulb is a good enough distance away at first, you should be fine. That will also depend on your grow area, ventilation, and circulation.

    HID fixtures need time to cool off. If you've got flouros then you could leave them on 24/7 along with the HPS on 12/12 or 18/6. Plants grow faster under 24/7 lighting during vegetative.

    I'm running a 430W HPS and I noticed a drop in the electrical bill. As long as you try to conserve energy whenever possible then you have nothing to worry about.

    I don't know what using birth control pills would accomplish. I read somewhere that it's worth a try.

    I used the FIM technique on both my biggest plants. I only got two tops from each. Try making the cut more towards the middle of the node leaving 20% intact.
  3. Adding small amount of bleach to germination water is a common practice among veteran growers.The reason it is used is to deter bacteria or algae from forming while in the humid climate needed for germination.

    24hr verses 18hr...Debated for years..lol. 24hr is very good for preflower check-ability. I have tested both cycles,,,18hr means you will veg longer,but plant may get bushier,more chutes. 24hr means you will be flowering sooner,less chutes...it all is about personal preference on this one. Test it out for yourself....then decide what works best for your grow setup and strain.

    FYI Halides must be off at least 15minutes per week to allow the quartz arc tube to cool...fracturing may occur in the arc tube if not done,,,damaging the unit.
    HPS has no requirement and can be on 24/7,as well as flourescents.

    Ferts are relatively cheap,,birth control pills often are not,,use what is known to work,,stay away from gossip treatments,,it may save your ladies.

    FIM is old school trimming technique,,,renamed to FIM via the 'ol internet,,,,this works well when done properly , for scrog or small space grows...

  4. Thanx for the replies guys, some useful info...
    Would you reccomend a scrog as a first grow with Hydroponics? To be honest I'm not entirely sure what a scrog entails, are there any ways to ensure a good harvest using it?

    Would the plants be able to be topped still if i wanted to scrog it?

    If anyone could give me some info (general info on Scrog or similar methods would be great also) i'd appreciate it massivley

    If I left the plants on an 18/6 light setup, I should get more shoots? So *theoretically* there should be more bUd?

    thanx again..

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