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  1. I am a absolute begginner have a lot of sucessful friends thought i would give it a try. I have a lot of questions i thought i could just jot them down and get some answers.

    Can you flower and veg in the same room?

    Can you keep a 12/12 light cycle for the entirety of your plant's life and have it sucessfully root, veg and flower?

    Will adding a suplimentry CO2 generater like a living yeast help my plant's growth?

    If using 5 gallon buckets what can i expect you yield? and how long should i veg the plants for to allow them to reach their maximum size for their pot.

    If you have yellow leaves is it best to let them fully die or just trim them off?

    How much stress is good for the plant without hurting it?
  2. You can flower and veg in the same room, but not at the same time.
    The light cycle for flower is 12/12, and for veg it's 24/0 or 18/6 normally. Point is you gotta have 12 dark for flower. If you grow from veg through flower in a tent, you can do it in the same room. If you want mother plants, or to run clones and reduce overall harvest durations, then you'll need 2 different light cycles.

    You can grow a plant 12/12 from seed. There are some journals where I've seen it happen. I think you get a quicker harvest, but that yield is dramatically reduced. Could be wrong...so don't quote me.

    Living yeast produces CO2, and plants will take as much CO2 as they can get, so in theory it would seem to be a good idea. It is understood however that in order to truly get the substantial benefits of CO2 concentration, you'd need to maintain it at a constant level in the air which requires complicated testing and equipment. It seems like the equivalent of putting nitrous oxide on a car when it comes to growing plants. But if you can't keep it at very high levels all the time, it's probably not worth it. (just from what I've gathered here at GC)

    Asking what you can expect to yield is like asking what's outside the universe. No one ever knows. Some guys have science labs in the basement pulling lbs off single plants, others grow 50 at a time 12/12 from seed. Some people let em grow one main cola, others use LST or SCROG to bush them out and increase yield. If you harvest some shit, don't forget to do a dry weight and smoke report!

    Some say let em fall, others say cut em, both sides have seen success w/ both techniques. I think the decision should be more a matter of controlling temps and humidity. You don't want to take away the plants solar panels (leaves), because that's how they make energy, BUT if humidity is an issue in a confined space, and it's threatening to mold or something, then I'd go ahead and do some trimming. You can google..."radical pruning in a closet" and see some crazy shit.

    You don't want to stress plants except for reasons of increasing quality and yield. lst, scrog, topping, fimming, whatever...all stress the plant, but in minor ,controlled ways that benefit the end result. You don't want to burn them, or dry them out or let them be soaked in humidity and soggy or burn the shit out of them trying to make them grow faster by adding more nutes. So just give them the right environmental conditions and they'll thank you for it. Then bend the hell out of those suckers till you've got like 40 colas.

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