a few advices before first grow?

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    Hi, first of all I'm sorry for my poor english. thank you in advance!
    I'm looking to grow. I've read a few guides about this, but it still doesn't makes a clear picture in my head lol, so i have a few questions. I live alone in 37 sq. meters in a big city (europe). I'm smoking 40grams per month. I'm not a zombie though (not even an every-day smoker) I prefer having my mind clear and sharp. But i can roll like 6 grams at a party, and I party a lot lmao; but that's 6grams of mid; to give you a scale, as a seasoned toker I went to amsterdam and nearly puked at my 1st joint. 
    -So I would like at least 40grams per month. How many plants do I need?
    -what space this setup would take? I'm not cramped but I don't want smth too crazy... Would it be onerous in terms of work and installation (cables hanging everywhere...)? I don't care about price as long it won't cost me 2000 dollars.
    -If I understood well, It will need 800W nearly 24hrs. Is that something big? that would be noticed by the power company?
    -What about the smell? I would like 0 smell for my neighbors, or I won't grow. I can't afford my hall smelling like it's leading to george clinton's crib. I live in a upper-class building though, the doors aren't paper thin and I don't mind the smell at home as long it doesn't become a real inconvenience. I don't want to cause trouble.
    -And finally to what boundaries can I push this, while being reasonable? I wouldn't say no to 100grms a month and crazy joints  :)
    I know that's a lot of questions, I just can't picture in my head what would it be like to grow. I have a hard time to find guides that gives just a "global look" about growing. it's obvious, i don't sell loool
    thanks for taking your time to answering!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)
    +: as for strains I prefer sativa, my favorites are the hazes, especially the super silver... So I would like if possible some sativa, that's quick to grow, simple and gives lots of weed. Should I wait before growing haze? In my country only natural weed comes with seeds, so there's no "baggieseed" possible.

  2. A lot of unknowns about your situation to be able to answer many questions. You can get carbon filters though for the smell, there are other methods that are effective as well. Lights come in lots of types. Start reading all the "pinned" threads, do lots of research.

    Sativas definitely do not finish fast, they would be the longest.

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