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    ok i'm still trippin out from this shit but i'll try and explain it the best of my ability, lolz

    ok so i need a bag and i call my dude, his brother has his car and he said he'll walk to me and i said nah man i'll just meet you half way, so i walk to our destination, pick up the bag, we go our separate ways. i start packing a bowl on the way home, being mindful of who can see me. i get to the park behind bel air and start smoking on the back path to my neighborhood. i get to the end where there is a street so i look both ways to see if any cars are coming and there wasn't so i turned around and packed a bowl i was going to attempt to one hit. i get it packed, turn my head around to see if there are any cars coming again, and there wasn't, so i light up and clear this thing, and i turn back around with the hit still in, and a fucking sheriff car drives right by me staring at me like wtf are you doing, so i stuff the lighter and pipe in my back left pocket and he and or she just drove right past me starring and i just keep walking as they do a u turn, and mind you i'm still holding this monstrosity of a hit in, they just drive right past me and keep going. HOLY SHIT DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN LOLZ
  2. lmao. where do you live?
  3. Sacramento, California
  4. California weed laws are w/e. If they catch you outside of school with weed its like a 40 or 50 dollar ticket, but if it's in school it's another story.
  5. idk man my boys got caught up the other day with the police, it's amazing they just watched what i did, lol
  6. most cali cops dont care, specially if you got your card.. but hell i do that stuff all the time man, its smarter to smoke joints on a walk but i couldnt even count the number of times i used to rip my bowl walking to the bus stop in highschool
  7. uhh wtf i wanna live in cali where you do. In my town you get caught with weed they have like 6 cars behind you tearin your shit up lookin to bust you. It is only a fine 100-250$ (i was in court for speeding and a guy got 250$ fine for under an ounce + court fees). You still get it on your record which doenst clear for 2 years so if you try and get a job they will find out about it most ask. Plus if you want to keep it off your record you have to do this drug test thing that costs $$$ and you cant smoke.

    This is all speaking off personal experience from my friends who have been caught up for weed. If you have a card they dont give a shit and you get off clean. If you live in cali get a card
  8. lol regardless of where i live that is not normal, people get busted and fined all the time.
  9. Depends what kind of neighborhood you were in. I live in So.Cal - LA county area.

    If you fit the profile the cop most likely would have confronted you. Which completely sucks. You'll see them let a little white kid go and even give him back his weed, but if you fit the "profile" (Gangster style clothing.. I don't really want to get into detail) They will confront you in no time.

    Moral of the story, dress like a nerd.
  10. i was just wearin a thermal, shorts and slippers, haha.
  11. Haha that's how I roll. Wearing that shit right this second haha. My cousin got stopped by the police even though he was walking. He fits the "profile" with the way he dresses. I'm not saying he gang bangs but its just a style now.

    A style that fucks you over.
  12. no joke man. same here.
  13. hahahaa, ive sat rolled and smoked a joint infront of a cop befor more than once.
    pigs dont even care about weed that much here as long as you keep it to yourself :p
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    Yeah I think its best here in Cali, back when I was a senior in high school, right after school, me and a couple of friends decided to go smoke, we we're walking to my friends house, we stop at a crosswalk, my friend "P" and I start checking out the new pipe and he's holding it like right in his face (lol), at the same time, my other friend "O" is handing him the weed so that he can pack it while we walk, when all of sudden a police car starts passing us from the other side of the street. He see's "P" holding the pipe in the air, he see's "O" handing him the weed, the cop looks at us while driving slowly and while smiling says, " How's it going guys" We all thought he was going to make a U-turn and bust all of us, but amazingly he kept going straight.:yay:

    We couldn't believe what happened lol
  15. Can you meet me half wayyyyyyy
  16. ^Hahahaha
  17. LOL. That's funny as hell. I'm thizzed the fuck out ahhah

  18. That + your avatar made that comment. lol'd.
  19. cali cops are like that. on time a sheriff drove past my driveway when i was pullin out on my dirtbike with no helmet on :smoking: and he just gave me the fattest "wtf do you think you're doin?" look and kept going :D
  20. One time I was in my car taking a fat rip and a cop drov by and gav me that "look" turned on his sirnens and parked right behind me. Then he sped off burning rubber.

    Yup I left and stopped smoking there so his job was accomplished haha.:wave:

    But so was mine:smoking:

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