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    Would anyone watch an online TV channel that is just pure Family Guy with little to no ads, and the ads that are there are actually ads you would be interested in like a links to GC or High Times?

    I have looked around for this, apparently it has existed in the past but I'm having trouble finding one that still exists.

    It's relatively easy to do, it's just the web space you'd have to pay for, as serious bandwidth would be getting consumed, so there would have to be ads

    Give me some ideas if you'd like to see this a reality

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  2. I just watch it on netflix...:confused_2:
  3. If you're like me, you've seen every episode on Netflix, and also find it irritating to have to keep selecting episodes when one ends, I'd rather kick back and smoke a jay laying down on the couch and never have to pick the controller up to pick another episode.

    I watch online movies and what not on my PC through the S-video port on my Nvidia graphics card to the S-video port on my TV so everyone in the living room can watch it, and you could just have Family Guy on 24/7 when the TV is on
  4. Family Guy channel? You mean fox?;)
  5. Fox can suck my one eyed monster. This would be hosted in another country where the laws allow this to go down

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