A dude got hit by a car.

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  1. So Im walking downtown today just minding my own business chillin. I see this guy walking towards me like texting or w/e. He moves off the sidewalk into the street to cross, not at an intersection just in the middle of the road, he barely looks up to check for traffic. He steps out into traffic and gets fucking nailed by this car, flew up in the air and smacked the ground you know. Luckily he just got some bruises and cuts, very luckily actually.

    At first I was like holy shit and called 911. Then I looked at the car that hit him. The ironry of this is, he got hit by a fcking dodge lol. When I saw it was a dodge I just started laughing my ass off lol. :laughing:
  2. thats an in the moment thing right there. lol
  3. "I was about to call 911, but then realized multiple things
    1)I am high
    2)Fuck the Police
    3)I am high

    So after I thought those 3 things, i decided things would work their way out."
  4. At least he was okay. My dad knocked some smackhead off his bike once, or rather the smackhead rode square into my dads car at an intersection. He landed on his head but luckily for both him and my dad, made a full recovery.
  5. Well I wasn't high and Im certainly not going to stand there and do nothing after seeing him get hit by a car lol. Reminds me of the story from NY, a guy got stabbed and instead of calling 911 people recorded it on their phones as he bled out... he never made it.

    If I see someone in distress I gotta help out, no matter what consequences presue. I actually would have done more for that dude but there was an off duty fireman who just happened to be there and of course he was all over the situation.
  6. That reminds me of this time I was with my friend and he was driving us back to my place.He went through a 4 way stop and got t-boned by a biker cause the biker wasn't paying attention lol. Luckily he had a helmet on and all that happened was he left a slight dent in my friends quarter panel lol.
  7. Lol dane cook said the same thing bout how he got hit by a dodge lol.
  8. Lol dane cook got hit by a car? Good, that guy is one of the worst comedians ever, its like dude take a chill pill lol.
  9. Nah like he had a skit about how he saw a guy get hit by a car, and it was funny cuz it was a dodge :D
    sorry i confused u
  10. wouldnt it be great if he did get hit by a car, i cant stand dane cook and have no idea how ppl do.
    he came to the school i was going to to do a show, and i was glad i moved back to minnesota so i didnt have to hear the whole school fawning over him. that dudes is a dbag comedian

  11. ROFLMAO. Real Life!!

    I had a lady (Maybe late 40's, Spanish speaker, I live in the hood in Los Angeles) come to my door at 2:30 AM, yes two fucking thirty AM, speaking broken English asking for "telafone numbar" and pointing wildly at my neighbors house. I wake up at 3:45AM to be at work by 5AM and I have a busy life on the side (Green Thumb). I thought your exact thing. I was about to call 911...but then realized multiple things.


    I asked the crazy bitch if she needed assistance or the police. No policia she said. Telafone Numbar she said. I'm like "Get the fuck out of here". I'm not Mexican/Spanish/Latino, but most of my neighbors are. Go bug one of them I'm thinking!

    Just in case, the .45ACP isn't far but I hate feeling like I have to resort to it all the time to feel safe. I have a bunch of other weapons that would be so much more enjoyable to just thrash an intruder with. :devious:
  12. that's funny because your name is FORD. hahah

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