a dry herb vaporizer? if yes, which one?

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  1. Hello,

    Here i am, a regular and quite heavy pot smoker. But i feel pain in my chest more and more regularily so i'd like to move away from the joint solution, without going to the much more herbs expensive food making.

    So i thought about dry herbs vaping. the thing is, products and reviews are pretty confusing. and mostly old, not much past 2015. But it seems only few models work properly
    To be honest i know almost nothing about it. I'm not even sure if it requires only the herb or some extra liquid to produce the vapor.

    I would be going for a pen style of item to be able to carry it around.
    which model would you, more experimented people, recommend to me?

    As a side note i live in Europe, in case some products are shipped to the USA only.

    Thanks in advance for any reply :D
  2. hello, thanks for your reply.
    well of course the lesser the better, but from what i understood the cheaper ones are less effecient or have shorter lifetime before breaking. so say between 100 and 250 euros?
  3. Hey, several sites I look at when I'm choosing a vape. Dry herb(flower) and a pen style don't really go that fantastic together. So I'm guessing discrete and small and not real smelly is probably preferred?

    The vape critic has a great website and the vaporizers are split between portables, desktops and pens typically. Many many great reviews of different styles vapes and how they work and their plusses and minuses. No vape is perfect but each vape has its niche typically. Your use or how you typically burn is important as well. Are you a one hitter and quiter or a session guy. Or in other words, do you use a bowl or a joint or a blunt type of person? Once you figure that out, you can then go over to fuckcombustion.com and there are endless threads about individual vapes. One pen style that does do well for what you've said so far is the grasshopper, but its ability to stay working properly is pretty questionable. More information about you and how you do things and the better we can point you in a direction.
  4. I use a Firefly 2 for dry herb (flower) and concentrates with the available pads.
  5. Hello, thanks you for your replies guys :D

    so i'm initially a joint smoker (always tried to not own a bong it would kill me). so more of a slow smoker but regular (sessions as you say).
    i don't really know if it has to be a pen, what i want is being able to carry it on me a smoke it outside standing.

    As a joint smoker, the odor factor isnt so important, the goal is not to be more discreet than the joint, just healthier :)

    as for the frequency, i smoke one roughly one (tobacco mixed) every 2 hours (thinking of reducing, too).

    Hope this information helps :D and thanks again!
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    Why vaporize? read this:

    Do you prefer rather long sessions (like a joint) or rather quick hits (like a bong/pipe)? I can help you choosing the best vape for you.

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