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A drug addict?!?!?!??!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kamikazikillah, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. So im shocked,

    The other day i got into an arguement with a guy i know about if weed should be legal. Shit was pretty heated. he said it was dangerous. I said well i smoke weed everyday and nothing bads happened to me so how is it dangerous??

    Then he said i was a drug addict.........

    I have never once considered myself a drug addict.. I guess i dont think marijuana should be considered a drug. But it shocked me to think that someone opposed to marijuana would most likely consider me a drug addict.

    WTF how is weed on the same level as crack or meth or whatever......

    IDK what are your thoughts on the subject?​

  2. people who have no idea about hemp and recreational hemp use always use stupid things to come back at you.

    smoking feverishly and cringing when you dont have a bowl, resin smoking and stem smoking to me, is considered addicted. but hey, its not nearly as bad as any other pill, or drug out on the market. so all in all i say its chillin..

    butif you want some good argumentitive shit, go to you tube and look up hemp, the only cure. and the book, " the emporer(sp?) wears no clothes" it has alot of info how hemp and recreational use is alright... yep...
  3. I hope you're not smoking hemp
  4. i suppose its only the same as calling someone who smokes fags a drug addict . except people like this arsehole dont see it like that because smoking fags has been made soically exceptable ( because the gov make lots of £ from fags .)
  5. Weed is a drug, IMO all drugs should be used in moderation. So yes it is possible to be a drug addict if you smoke weed; however a stoner is a different kind of drug addict then a crack or meth addict.
  6. That's the kind of guy who's addicted to things and doesn't even realize it. I'll bet he can't get through the day without his antidepressants and three cups of coffee.

  7. nah dude..ive got the dank.
  8. I'm with you 420%, I don't consider weed a drug, it's a plant, should we start calling corn, pumpkins, etc. drugs too?
  9. I just usually agree with what ever people say. "yeah, weed is dangerous and should stay illegal." (while lighting joint):smoke:

    that usually shuts them up.
  10. Exactly what I was thinking.

    At least I can see and accept my usage with drugs. I smoke every day and like to all day. I might fit the definition of an addict, but my drug usage has done nothing but improve my life. Its not like most stoners lives are spiraling out of control and unraveling. They just get high a lot.

  11. Your right it is a plant. But the day corn, pumpkins, etc get you high when you smoke them will be when that and weed are in the same category.

    THC and the other cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant are chemicals. And who says all drugs are bad? I guess the interpretation of the word drug, good or bad is in the eyes of the beholder. And I see marijuana in moderation as a drug that increases quality of life.

    Ill informed idiots who eat all the propaganda, and dont have the sense to learn the real facts, like the person you got into the argument with are just simply stupid. As for calling you an addict I would have proceeded to hit the guy in the face. He has no right to call you that. You need to enlighten him on what's really goin on with weed.
  12. mother-in-law called me a drug addict for using mj so i told her she was a raging alky for having that beer in her hand

  13. So this girl the other day told me that i am gonna die from weed one day! haha I have done a lot of research and as we all no marijuana cannot kill you directly. but when i told her that it is physically impossible to die from it (unless you injest a huge amount at once) shes says back "i am gonna laugh when you die from it"!
    Bitches ain't Shit!
    but yeah this just shows how ill informed people are. it just really bugs me ya know.?
  14. I know i was like are you kidding me. But close-minded fucks like that think one thing and even if you had rock solid scientific proof they would never change thier minds. Absolutly 100% retarded.
  15. haha this made me laugh just imagining it
  16. haha denying the use of, and then using it directly infront of them is classic!
  17. Same thing happened to me when my mom caught me, said I was a drug addict and now she's trying to get me to go to a 'Substance Abuse' therapist. I'm gonna go and tell he/she to suck my dick cuz I don't abuse anything
  18. Weed is about as addictive as ice cream. As in, not at all. But just like anything else that gives people enjoyment or comfort, people can become psychologically dependent on it. Like fat women and ice cream for comfort, or dudes and Internet porn or WoW, there are addicts. But that doesn't make weed addictive and odds are that you aren't a drug addict unless you feel the need to be high all day long.

  19. But what if she actually does suck your dick? Then you'd definitely need to go to therapy. I'm just sayin'...
  20. It's really simple. When you start running out of weed, do you start looking for the next bag of weed? i.e. a continuous supply of weed so you never run out?

    If yes, you're an addict. If no, then you aren't.

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