A Drip Hydroponics Question...

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Bud Nukem, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Hi There...I have what I hope is a simple question about feeding my plants, on a non-recovery hydroponic system (the runoff after feeding the plants will NOT go back in the original reservoir, but a separate reservoir).

    The question is this: How often do I pump the juice over the plants? I will be using the drip rings around the base of the plants, and will be growing in hydroton. I want to try and determine reservoir size. I will be feeding no more than 7 plants at a time (and no less than 7 plants, of course) in likely 3 gallon buckets...:)

    I was hoping someone would know the magic "Pump the juice every XX Minutes during Lights On, and every XX Minutes at night" (or not at all, or whatever is the right answer)

    I know it's a noob question, but I did quite a few searches, and have not been able to pin this one down. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated!

  2. Have it pumping 24/7 even when the lights are off...have it constantly dripping
  3. Thanks for the reply! So...I am not sure, yet, how to set that up as I am just getting the room assembled. The pump for juice runs 24/7, and just drips continuously? I am thinking i will be very glad my rooms will be very insulated! That could get a little noisy, especially with air pumps, etc. :)

    But in your case, with a constant drip, how much would you say you go through, per plant, or whatever, per day?
  4. Are you going to germinate in rockwool?

  5. If your on a 24 hour drip, I would recommend that you use only, 2/3rds, of the suggested Nutrients, as to avoid, Toxic Salt Buildup

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