A dream i had last night

Discussion in 'General' started by TokinBlue, May 9, 2006.

  1. alright this is what i wrote down from when i woke up in the middle of the night(i am posting cuz it involved a gc member :) )

    me and dan(nushaganazad) are driving around goin to this party(potentially an upcoming party that we have talked about going to) Well we walk in and there is a big haze, a fog if you will, of smoke. We look at each other and laugh cuz we know this is gonna be ridiculous. I brought my own beer(as i normally do) and place the cooler next to this REALLY comfy lookin couch.

    On the coffee table in front of this couch, there are so many diffrent kinds of bongs, bowl, bubblers basically anything you can imagine. There are piles of bud all over the room and it was the most crystally, wonderful smelling bud EVER. I remember being so happy at how amazing this bud was. I felt like i was getting stoned as fuck in this dream. i dont recall drinking really, even though i had a lot of beer with me. i also cannot recall anyone else who was at the party besides dan.

    i would add more but this is all i wrote down about the dream. if only i COULD go to a party with weed and bongs laying everywhere haha. hopefully this dream comes tru:hello:
  2. you brought a tear to my eye man... It will be real, one day...
  3. Damn Tokin. That sounds like a crucial dream right there. Only ting that could top that off is if you woke up high.

    bout to do it DM style ;)
  4. one can only hope the dream comes true
  5. Damn, that sounds nice. Where you actually lucid in the dream or no?
  6. yeah it was lucid. i had full control over my actions and whatever i did. however, since i was smoking and getting stoned i didnt want to do too much haha :smoke:
  7. HAHA i LOVE IT!!! thats awesome nate lol. much better than in the aim convo lol. but yes that party will be intense, i gotta scrape up some cash to come up to your school for a weekend

    p.s. hahah me n nate havent even met lol

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