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A dream come true!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by loopdigga420, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. So my brother just moved in with his friend and we just finished unloading all his stuff from the truck and we settle down and start packin bongs and rolling blunts. Abou 15 mins into the sesson were all blitzed, and we hear a really loud banging on the door. I dont know about anyone else but i can tell that knock was fom a cop as soon as i heard it. my brothers roomate started freakin out and hid everything, and since my brothers really good at taking to cops he answered th door. right when he opened the door,sure enough there was cop standing there. there was a dog in the house so it made a quick excuse for my brother an i to wak out side and close the doo real quick. my brother said "good evening sir, can i hel you?" the cop looked at him and said "I have a warrant for a jonn gilbert(my bros roomate)" my brother and i were freaked at tht point and as i opened the doorto go get him the cop sai in a firm voice "hey wait there a sec." " you guys smell alotlike pot." so my brother saidthe firs thing that came to his mind wich was "oh yea i smoked a little at work" so the cop just rushes in the house and sits down in the room we were smoki in and sits down. now me and my brother are confused as hell. The roomate walks in with a scale an his few ounces and weighs out an 8th for the cop !!

    It turned out that the cop an my brothers roomate have been friends for a long time and he bought nug frm him all the time. eerything about the warrant and all that was all bullshit. they planned it ahead of time t scare us.

    best moment of my life
  2. hahahhah what a plot twist :wave:
  3. hahahha, thats jokes. you guys got puunkkkeedddd
  4. oh man that shits fucked up!
  5. haha shit woulda tripped me out.
  6. Best. Cop. EVER.
  7. that is the shit haha
  8. haha oh shit thats crazy! I hope i meet a cop like that someday

  9. dude i want a cop friend like that haha
  10. some of those jokes are funny in hindsight, not when they are occuring

    at college after we got done a huge smoke sesh, aloud banging on the door happens and we hear a voice "OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW". scarriest moment of my life, almost had a heart attack. turns out it was just a kid from down the hall. never forgave him
  11. Did you smoke with that cop? I'd sure love to smoke with a cop! :smoking:
  12. ^^^^

    i asked but he said he couldnt cause he was on duty lol
  13. Now you have a get out of jail free card if you know what i mean :smoke:
  14. that cop deserves a bong load.. oh fuck it ill take 1 for him :bongin: and another :bongin:
  15. does anyone know if cops get drug tested frequently or just when they start the job. I always hear of cops doing drugs and what they confiscate but I would think the pigs would get drug tested every once in a while.

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