A Dope Trailer Is No Place For A Kitty

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  1. For those unfamiliar with the Trailer Park Boys this thread is not actually about cats growing marijuana it is the title of a Trailer Park Boys episode. I love that show. The guys are always growing dope and Ricky keeps one of Bubbles cats in his dope trailer to keep the squirrels from fucking with his weed plants. It is a great show.

  2. I still need to watch this...
    Is it similar to any other show like Its Always Sunny in Philly (random hilarious episodes focused on ensemble comedy) or Weeds?
    I would say ASIP if anything. Lots of comedy, some good lol.
  4. I haven't seen It's Always Sunny, but it far better than Weeds. You can watch full episodes for free on Youtube. They have the first 7 seasons on Youtube and their new movie comes out on DVD on July 29th. Funniest tv show ever. Ricky, Jullian, Bubbles, Randy, and Mr. Lahey. Great actors.
  5. Definitely a favorite show of mine. I like how all the characters function and relate to each other and it's really just all around hilarious

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    ive seen all the trailer park boys stuff on netflix, great show, but its always sunny is wayy better. that show is pure magic
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-1GMI4ymfA
  8. the christmas special was my favorite episode ever
  9. I haven't seen it but Danny Devito is the man. I might have to check it out.
  10. I absolutely cannot fucking wait for season 8 and the new movie to come out on Netflix boys.

    TPB is great.
  11. Same here. Don't Legalize It comes out on the 29th on DVD. You know I will be ordering that mother fucker on DVD the day it comes out.
  12. i have never seen it. everyone says its great and ive almost watched it a couple times but i never end up doing it. maybe ill check it out before bed tonight
  13. Love this show.. anyone who hasn't seen it should definitely watch it. A very low budget show, and it's hilarious.
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    I would definitely suggest getting real baked beforehand to open your mind a little.

    If you don't really care about story lines and you wanna skip to some of the good episodes watch any of the following: S2 E5, S2 E7, S6 E3, S7 E3.

    S4 E6 is also one of my personal favorites.
  15. Fuckin way she goes boys

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    My favorite is probably s6e02, the cheeseburger picnic. "I tried to have a nice cheeseburger picnic but it got all fucked up!"
    The Christmas special is also great.
    You should definitely be using marijuana while enjoying Trailer Park Boys. I can't imagine watching them if I wasn't stoned.
  17. A modern day Three Stooges.
    Can not fucking wait for all that new content.
  18. My favourite show of all time. If my brother stopped getting netflix, I'd gladly pay the $8 per month just to watch all the seasons. I'm hoping after the 8th(9th if theres one) , they one day release a complete limited edition bluray collection. All seasons, 3 movies, xmas/say good night specials, and the cartboy and pilot movie, the one in black and white. Honestly I'd pay $200 or more and not regret it.
  19. They are working on filming seasons 8 and 9 and they will both be released in the next few months on Netflix. They have the first 7 seasons and first 2 movies on DVD on Amazon. The new movie comes out on Blu ray and DVD on July 29th.

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