A dope closet is no place for a kitty - 400w HPS - Multi-Strain

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  1. looking nice ricky :)
  2. day 10


    pink plant
  3. damn they are nice seedlings :D
  4. Look great bro. Keep up the good work
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    hey ricky we will have to start that sweet black angel early july cause im going on holidays late june

    wait false alarm the holiday is cancelled till end of september but once my autos are done then we are ready and rearing to go :)
  6. got a cabinet a little shorter in height, just like yours im going to use. yours is looking good. going to mimic a few setup designs. looking forward to seeing the life span of your babies
  7. More background on the kitty; here's a link to mine, Stingray Jones, in action. . .
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqnJsc9V_m0]Caught red-handed - YouTube[/ame]
  8. sounds good to me

    here's an update

    18 days old

    pink plant - freebie seed
    17 days old, nute burn from the soil mix. i think it will be ok in a few weeks.
  9. Nice work man
  10. Bubblicious looking phat already! keep it up man

  11. my cat used to do this was sooo bloody annoying lol

    nice man :D damn cant wait to grow these plants we got lined up :D currently 3 auto seeds have popped outa its peat pellet and waiting on the 4th seed to pop its root.
  12. Man, you went MIA.
  13. Him and like 3 other people I was following did too. Kinda sucks
  14. Come back ricky!!! We love you. Hahaha. But seriously. We need the dope closet back.
    How ya doin bud?
  15. Hey Ricky! Hope you come back...
    how's the temps in that closet with the 400w HPS on?
    Are the passive intake vents enough, or would you rather suggest installing an intake fan?
  16. I'm back! I had some hardware issues with my machine and have been without it for some time now.

    back up and running now.

    Both the bubble and the pink plant ran thier coarse and have already been harvested

    the bubble yielded a little over 2ozs, she was harvested on june 15th.

    The pink plant continued to be a bitch throughout it's life cycle. I dunno, maybe it was just bad genetics or something. Pretty much ALL of the fan and upper leaves fell off. I harvested and got just under 2oz, ended up cooking with most of it.

    Sometime around the time that my machine went down, i started a russian rocket fuel and a blue Himalaya diesel that are just about ready for harvest. Those were started in my smaller cab but quickly overwhelmed it. I pulled the plants and threw them into the larger cab a few months ago and let them sit under my hood at 250

    i am having a strange problem with my ballest or bulb though. about a month ago, my 400w setting started to flicker pretty badly. i run a digital ballast that allowes you to go to 410w, which stopped the flickering. It's lowest setting is at 250, and then at 260ish. I had a problem with my circut breaker tripping and i think my bulb was damaged during some hot strikes on it from the ballast loosing power, then firing right up again.

    i'm going to change out my bulb first and see if that remidies the flickering, if not, i will send it in while i am in veg stage for my next grow.

    Pics of the new girls later today, who knows, maybe even some harvest/bud porn pics too.

    Pretty sure i'm going to harvest this week, i honestly don't remember what week they are on - Which is why i was keeping a journal, d'oh - but they are getting REALLY close.

    going full blow at 400w the cab was sitting in the low 80's - right now at 250+ it's 68 at night/74 during the day - i think my high was 85 and that was pushing 400w+

    I also installed a window AC unit right next to the cab
  17. The wanderer returns,

    Still a decent harvest mate nothing to turn ya nose up at,

    Looking forward to a bit of bud porn later too :)
  18. Holy shit Ricky is back!!!! lol hey 4 oz of 2 plants isnt too bad, the way it sounds its prolly your ballast or the light is going bad, I would definitely take a look at the ballast just to be sure thats not gonna cause future problems
  19. I had to take the pink plant pretty early, well not really early, it was week 11 of flower. But it was stunted due to whatever the hell was wrong with it. i literally treated for everything, then flushed it and treated for nothing over the coarse of 6 weeks and nothing helped.

    The bud quality sucked too. tasted like crap, smelled like crap, barely got you high. i just think it was a bad seed.

    i REALLY hope it's the bulb., it's easier to buy the new bulb and see if it's that first. if it isn't, then i just have an extra bulb ;)

    here's the cab currently. it's literally only running at half capcity right now as i pull the lower part of my smaller cab out and threw it into my larger cab.

    I need this to finish up so i can move the lower section back into my small cab and can re-start this one up with the 5 gallon pots again

    right now it's a Russian Rocket Fuel and some Blue Diesel in 1.5 gallon pots

    I had a power outage from a storm yesterday, so inline fan is down which is why they look a bit droopy.

    That blue box is a drying box for sample nugs.

    The russian rocket fuel might be ready by this weekend, diesel maybe by next

    first two are the rocket fuel, third is the diesel.

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