A dope closet is no place for a kitty - 400w HPS - Multi-Strain

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  1. wait so the hood has a 4" connector? or is it 6"
  2. I see so You are putting filter at the end instead of at the beginning
    Air from the box and light tube is sucked throughcarbon filter in normal hookups but due to space you are blowing the air out through the filter correct?
    I too have seen the need to do so and have seen the tube vented out of grom box to filter outside the grow area with the air being pushed instead of sucked through filter inside grow area (Box) Nice Job The Charcoal will blow a lil a first but not much at all.
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    yup, that is exactly what i am doing.

    the hood is 6", the ducting is 4", i ordered a "slimline" reducer as ones i found at the hydro store were too long. the slimline version is out of stock, but that's fine, i won't need to run the HPS for a month anyway.
  4. Bubblicious popped first

  5. after dating a woman from melbourne, i laughed my ass off at this post hahahah :smoke:
  6. I'm subbed. I always love watching micro grows.
  7. yeah mate they be popping :) , decided to go hps ricky this grow so we will have even chances aye for the sweet black angel grow :)
  8. yup, the EVA pink plant it starting to push through as well, i can see the seed case ontop of the soil now.

    awesome news on that HPS jack, i think you will be happy with it.

    we should shoot for mid-summer on the "overseas" grow ;) - i still have to order the seed. say around mid june
  9. perfect mate :) i got to finish up the autos and also the star 47 once i start them so when thats done we can grow the sweet black angel in mid june early july depending on flowering time for the star 47 and how long i veg her
  10. that sounds like a plan to me. That will give me this run to dial in the large cab a bit.

    should we use the same nutes too?
  11. yeah i guess so :) i can only afford 1 nute line though its the flairforms nutrient line. works for hydro coco and soil. ill be doing my one in coco what medium will you use?

    my local hydro store buys direct from the company so i get it really cheap compaired to the other brands
  12. i was going to use soil, i could look into coco though.

    i can get flairforms off amazon, which of their selection do you use?
  13. coco is pretty basic hydroponics all you need is the proper PH and your set basically, i use the 1 part nute line greendream 1

    GreenDream | Hydroponic Nutrients | Liquid Plant Fertilizer

    ill also be using their bud additive i have not decided between their budstorm (which i used this grow) or their organic one.

    ill also be using rhizotonic and also this GH FloraNectar FruitnFusion (0-0-1) - Quart [2837] - $17.85 : Hydroponics!, Hydroponics and Hydroponic Systems from Eco Enterprises

    it acts as a bud additive that makes your plants natural flavours and smells stronger and adds a sweeter flavour and or smell to it making it a little fruity. but the best thing about this is that its organic and acts as a flushing solution, ill be using this throughout the entire grow i reckon. although if you want to use something else im happy to reconsider.

    oh it also feeds the buds during the final flush withought leaving any chems in the plant

  14. yea i can vouch for coco, its excellent stuff.

    Its extremely easy to use, maintain and is re-usable. The growth is probably double soil's. Definitely worth looking into.

    All the plants i have grown in soil have had no problems.
  15. pink plant popped up today

  16. nice man :)
  17. week 1 update


    Pink Plant (i had a small fan blowing directly on her so that's why the two larger fan leafs look a bit wonky)
  18. mmmm... I love watching magic happen with plants. Btw what happen to the kitty? lol
  19. he's chilling under my desk, i can't let him near them when they are this small, he goes frantically after the fan leafs. he LOVES the pot.
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    My cousins cat loves them too. I herd that its prolly because cannabis is a cousin of catnip like it is hops. Idk dont quote me on it but thats what I herd lol:smoke:

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