A dope closet is no place for a kitty - 400w HPS - Multi-Strain

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by rickylahey, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Subbed, cant wait to see youre grow get on its feet! Great setup brother :)
  2. nice expensive hanger their personally i would only pay 10 bucks for a hanger or even make my own for the lights :p but if money is no object sure pay 250 dollars for a decked out version hehehehe :p
  3. pretty fucking loud actually. i have my cab in my office, which is on the second floor of the house. with the fan running and my office door open, i can hear it halfway up the stairs.

    I'm putting a small window unit A/C unit in today, which is right next to the cab. It should be enough to cover the sound, or at least justify is should anyone ask, "what's that 'fan' noise?"
  4. have you thought about sound proofing the top section with some foam insulation panels? i have been looking into a few solutions to the sound problem myself.

    it could be possible to wrap the Vortex in some fibreglass insulation or a few wraps of really heavy fabric, which would help eliminate any mechanical noise... i know you can wrap those booster fans to silence them,

    if most of the noise is moving air noise or "whooshing" you can really only add some ducting on the output side with some zigzags in it to help muffle the sound, then a diffuser of some sort where the air is finally pushed outside the cabinet.
  5. the fan it's is pretty quiet, it's mainly the whoosing from the air that you hear. I have still to pick up my can fliter so that may quiet it some. The ain exhaust venting is through the top, so i can't soundproof the top section completely.

    i think with the fliter and the AC though, it will be quiet enough.
  6. OH MAN!!! What a set up! SOOO interested and the grow isn't even started! Can't wait!! Subbd
  7. it's started, seeds are in the pots now.
  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pMOBVX88Kg]Where The Bloody Hell Are You - YouTube[/ame] come to australia mate i got a milky vape bong hit waiting for yah hehehe full of cat piss and cat piss hash
  9. Subbed! Love the setup! Can't wait to see how fast those girls grow.
  10. hey jack, what kind of vape are you using?
  11. extreme q 4.0 vaporizer and i love it :)
  12. wow, did i ask them same question in two threads?

    and doesn't Australia have something like 90% of the world's most deadliest shit living there?

    Like, come to our beaches, but mind the giant jellyfish. Or visit the outback and meet the 2 step snake.
  13. Are you sure thats not there way of eliminating some of the wabble noise on these mass produced cheap fans for growing nowadays?
    Makessense that it is for balance, try to run the way it is for a test, and take note of how much noise there is at high speed, Then carefully mark the blade where clip is and use black marker and remove it after marking blade so you can put it back just where it was after test.
    Now remove that clip and do another test and see if it's any louder or any wabble or vibrations happen after removal of said clip.
    Let us know Cool.
  14. The Box Jelly will kick your ass Dead
  15. heehehehehe you just get used to looking out for all that stuff :) only really dangerous thing where i live is the brown snake but thats only if you get up close to it. :) its really easy bloody hell nobody dies ever from animals around here hehehe, id be scared in america wolves bears and shit :p hehehe
  16. Come on just a lil nibble

  17. as long as your near enough to any form of civilization or your making noise they are more afraid of you than you are of them, im ftrom canada, grew up 10 KM outside a village with 1200 people livin in it, had a problem moose once, and seen lone coyotes every once in a while but nothin serious

    unless you separate mama bear from her young, or you come across a dumpster diving carnivour, then your screwed

    hell i know guys who leave raw meat at there grows. attracts carnivoures and scavengers which keeps deer away, its no problem either, anything in the area scatters if your making noise when you walk up
  18. cool thats pretty much the same here if you seperate the mum from the young they are gonna be pissed hehe

  19. this is probably a really dumb question, but I am a complete noob at growing and I am also doing a grow in a wardrobe about the same size.

    Is the air being sucked from the bottom up to that fan which then pushes it where exactly? will you attach a carbon filter to it and then have another duct leading out the wardrobe?

    and I'm assuming this is a negative pressure set-up, the intake vents are passive (no fans). What are the holes up top for?
  20. the vortex pulls warm air through the hood and then through a carbon filter - normally, you wouldn't want to exhaust your hood through your filter, but i'm on size constraints.

    the filtered air is vented into the top of the cab and out those 3 4" holes on the top.

    there are passive intake vents in the floor of the cab.

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