A dope closet is no place for a kitty - 400w HPS - Multi-Strain

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by rickylahey, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. oh yea, also got a new thermostat for the cab, kitty got a new zip tie to chew on

  2. Cab is looking awesome. Looks nice & organized so far.

    Gonna sub & try to keep up with it...GL
  3. ah this set up looks suhweet :)
  4. damn mate wish i had known about this a little sooner looks sweet :)
  5. no worries, still incomplete. panda film is in the mail, should be here tomorrow or the next day. not going to wait on the reducer to come in, going to start seeds on Friday.
  6. Dope, will be cool to see this beast running.
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    panda film is in



    all i need is a surge protector and two socket extensions for the veg lights.
  8. Bad ass. One of these days i will invest in the panda stuff lol
  9. ya......im gonna go ahead and sub to this...looking good so far! how long till we see some grass growin :poke:

    cute cat too haha.

    cant tell from the pics, does the supersun2 have optional side fittings as well? i think i have the same hood if not very similar...but i have my fittings on the side, not enough room to run it lenthwise :eek:
  10. seeds go in on friday, going to start with a nirvana auto bubblecious and eva pink plant

    only has the one set of top fittings, no side fittings. It was a bitch trying to find a cab that was wide enough for this hood.

  11. no kidding man, ive been researching cabinets before i even buy the hood, :eek:and now i am looking at either making my own or getting a cool tube
  12. good luck on this one as well man, hopin for 4+ ounces :smoke:
  13. very possible, both are suppose to be large producers :)
  14. This is dope, subbed!
  15. seeds went in today.

    i also added 2 2x12", 1 4x12" passive intake vents in the floor.

    pics on that later, my camera battery is dead :(
  16. liked it cause of the seeds not the camera battery although it is funny :p
  17. lol, yea, i have this horrible habit of hooking the camera up to the computer and forgetting to turn it off when i'm done

    I started a Nirvana Auto Bubbleicious and an Eva Pink Plant for the first run.
  18. make sure you have calmag for the auto cause apparently they have probs with magnesium defs

    aside form that :D:D:D:D:D:D bigger grow room more light and bigger yeilds :)
  19. whoa I do that with my canon all the time too. why can't the stupid things be charged off usb like that, ya know?..damn thing.
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    ok, new vents i put in last night, ended up sealing up the 4 passive intakes in the back with large 3", 1/4" thick felt pads

    i also went with 2 75w for veg instead of single 125w bulbs


    all started! (you'll note the use of my new $250.00+ light system is currently the support for my $12.99 veg lights ;))

    Still waiting on that damn reducer to come in.

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