A dope closet is no place for a kitty - 400w HPS - Multi-Strain

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  1. done for tonight, all that's really left is to put in two more intake vents - just need the o-rings - some panda film, and a bit of ducting. should be up and running by the weekend if i can get my ass to the grow shop tomorrow.

    new cab in place, kitty stands guard.

  2. Im subbed. Mainly for the grow, but damn that kitty is cute lol.

  3. Can ya stop posting pics of ya pussy !!!
    People will give you a bad name besides it states in the forum rules "NO PORNOGRAPHY"
    Looking sweet as nut so far ;)
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    I knew I`d seen your pussy online before.
    Oh and thats "Tinx" our cat chilling in the kitchen.

    On topic* I think the clip on the impeller is a weight to keep it balanced.
    Like when you get new tyres for your motor they balance them ;)

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  5. Lol that picture is funny. What is this thread becoming??! Whatever it is, I like it :hello:. "Milo" will soon show face to join the cool pussy club.

    I just noticed how you attached your strings for the light in the top chamber giving you more room to raise the light. Thats a good idea I definitely need to implement. :D
  6. yea, the lights are ran through 3/8" holes in the top and shelf. they are secured to the top with two huge 2" nuts that sit on top of the cab. the cab is 6' so you can't see them.

    got the velcro lined for the panda film today. bought the wrong staples at menards, story of my life. no joking i've been to the hardware store over a dozen times. three yesterday alone. i'm really bad at that.

    I am also really bad at not smoking a bong before i go to the store, which isn't helping.

    had to order 4" duct pipe. 8 bucks off amazon for 25'.

    Since I haven't even started on the veg cab, i am going to veg for the first grow in this cab with a pair of 125w CFL bulbs for the first 30 days.

  7. hehe..I know what you mean about trips to the hardware store....I think I set a record last year.

  8. Tell me about it:rolleyes: I try to switch up between lowes,home depot and wallys on the regular:cool:
    it is ridiculous though:D
  9. subbed. jelly of your setup :D

  10. ya definately breaking records going to the stores, (hydro, surplus, and three different hardware stores).... im definately wishing i had just saved up for a cab, that beats my ghetto tent any day of the week..

    p.s. i might have to actually let my cat NEAR my closet to get some budXpussy porn. but its a scary thought, i would rather TOKEn just stays away from the grow, she does rather enjoy her smoke, well not the smoke but the high, she always comes when we pack one, but she hates when we blow the smoke in her face.

  11. well it could be.. :)

    Im growing in a filing cabinet with a dimmable 250 / 400w HPS.

    Nice lighting but i would still class it as micro, being a hidden smallish cabinet.

    But in this case i wouldnt say so lol
  12. it is not what an old timer would call conventional.. completely self-contained, and not a whole room, id say that makes it micro... you guys need to see some big grows apparently, three years back i did some harvest "work" for a guy who ran three full houses on perpetual, 1 harvest a month.... that was his downsize after he got out of a 2yr jail term for cultivation..... trust me this is micro, if it doesnt create its own power bill it is micro...

    PS i would love to show pics of the houses i helped harvest, but seriously-the man was not retarded, he picked me up at home and actually patted me down before and after "work"
  13. i consider it to be a micro grow. Fully self-contained system, limited number of plants, i'm just pushing my available space to the max with potential. Hell my other cab could fit inside this cab and that one runs a 150w HPS.
  14. I agree with you, but it doesn't have to have its own power bill. I consider growing in like a 10 foot by 10 foot room not micro lol. I guess I feel if it has the ability for you to easily move it I would consider it Micro. A closet I consider a small grow not micro, hope you catch my drift, im very medicated lol:smoke:
  15. 10ft by 10ft room... not tryin to be a smart ass, but it costs a lot to run that kind of operation, i had 2-44W and 6-23W for my rubbermaid bin and it was about $25 extra on power to run that last month.
  16. Definitely keeping up with this if nothing else but for the Trailer Park Boys reference :)
  17. Damn pics arent working, except for djsids pussy pics..
  18. yea i suppose your right, it is micro, but im thinking more on a scale of personal use.

    anyways keep up the good work
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    this is all strictly for personal use :)

    got the velcro stapled down, that was fun.

    ducting should come in today, online place just emailed me and told me the reducer collar for theducting to the hood is out of stock and will take about a week to get in.

    ended up with just enough left over wood to make a new back for my smaller cab too.
  20. got the exhaust ducting installed today


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