A dope closet is no place for a kitty - 400w HPS - Multi-Strain

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    OK, so this is my new journal, for my soon to be completed closet-cab.


    Wardrobe - 72" x 39" x 20"
    Lights - Plantmax 400w HPS
    Ballest - Lumatek 400w
    Hood - Sun System 2 Air cooled
    Fan - 4" Vortex
    Soil - Happy Frog (foxfarm)
    Cat - Tuxedo, for security - damn squirrels pissing in my plants again

    Picked up most of the big stuff today, going to start punching holes in stuff monday, hopefully have it up and running by next weekend.

    First up, a pair of Auto Bubblicious seeds

    Then some trainwreck, then, who knows?

  2. Awesome man, definitely interested. Some nice setup you got yourself there.

    Also very intrigued to see how auto Bubbelicious are. Was considering buying some myself for there good cost, but im not sure if they will actually taste / smell like bubblegum, which i desperately want to find.

    Let me know how loud the vortex fan is, im thinking of buying a real ventilation system + Carbon filter for my Filing cabinet stealth setup, but the problem is sound, at the moment im using really quiet top quality fractual design PC fans, i think 9 Db.
  3. how much did all that cost in total?
  4. just under 600 i belive
  5. the supersun2 is a great hood :)

  6. no hate, but 400W isn't a micro grow... is it?
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    awesome, i'm really glad i went with the supersun2, i grabbed the last one at the shop. they had a wider one that wouldn't have fit into the wardrobe i picked out - and that was a bitch already just finding one wide enough to accomidate the hood's length

    but yea, when i went back to the growshop today, the guy infront of me was trying to haggle the guy into letting him by the display model supersun2 hood as they were out of stock

    Quick question for anyone with a vortex fan. I un-boxed mine tonight and noticed these weird "clips" attached to the impeller blades. There are four of them. at first i thought they might be some sort of balence, but then i noticed the impeller is one piece of plastic so i don't know why you would need to balence it. Plus two of the clips are exactly oppisite of each other.

    Actually, there's one clip - the one pictured on one side and then directly across from it are two additional clips. So i'm pretty sure that's not for balencing.

    So... Do i remove these? hate to have a small piece of metal floating around inside of a brand new fan.


    I did find this stock photos of a vortex brand fans and you can see a clip on the blade.


  8. Nice Pussy !!!!
    Just for that Im subbed ;)
  9. Lol that cat is so cute. Just chillin on your grow stuff
  10. yea, classic cat, has to be on top of whatever is "new" in the house.

    he also LOVES to eat fan leaves, whenever i open the little cab to trim, he's right there. he won't touch trim or bud, just large fan leaves

    i have a nebelung who is camera shy but will come running into the room whenever you spark a lighter and will sit down infront of whoever is smoking. he LOVES the pot.

  11. Pussy & Pot :hello: Love it !!!!!
  12. micro space wise, light irrelevant
  13. Slow going so far... ended up seizing my cordless drill cutting out 4" holes for ductwork and vents. heading out now to pick up a replacement.

    got the back finished today. hopefully have the cab put together by tonight.

  14. ever figure out what was up with those clips on the vortex? I'm just curious..I've never seen that before.
  15. still no idea what they are for.

    called the hydro store and they were like "huh?"

    taking shape now, this thing is HUGE!

  16. What do you have in terms of odor control?
  17. can filter, hooks up inline with the vortex
  18. you should have the cat in every picture man

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