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  1. I had dinner tonight with my friends.  They know I've been going through some stuff and decided to treat me.  It was really nice.  I got a little tipsy on some really good Chardonnay.  It was good to just relax and enjoy the evening.  
    They also invited a friend of a friend that I knew peripherally.  He owns a business in Santa Fe and is really well off.  I've hung out with him a couple of times while hiking near Durango with our mutual friend.  He's funny and well educated.  To be truthful he's quite intimidating.  I'm afraid to say anything around him and confirm that I'm a country hick with NO social skills.  So I usually keep quiet around him.  So far this has worked in my favor.  Better to be judged a wallflower than a complete inept idiot. 
    He pulled me off to the side and asked if I was o.k..  He heard about my breakup with Scott.  It's bad enough being in a group with him around.  Imagine how I was being the main focus of his attention.   I sounded like the village idiot.  Literally.  Stumbling over my words.  Repeating shit.  Forgetting what I was saying.  It was bad.  Yes, people. I was pathetic.
    In his favor he's a good listener.  He didn't so much as crack a smile. Especially when I meant to say, "I'm good.  Things are looking up."  What I actually said was,  "mrmph plalck siasl dislld.ad... burp."  Or something like that.   I blushed.  Hard.  I wanted to melt into the floor.  
    Then he dropped the bomb.  "I want to get to know you better.  Can we hang out sometime."   Needless to say I was completely confused and flustered.  My wounds are still fresh and I'm really not ready for "hanging out" with anyone exclusively.  Although he is good looking.  Not my usual type.  Dark brown hair,  hazel eyes, rocks a sexy beard and is a tad hirsute.  
    We talked for a little bit and he said he is wiling to take it slow and give me plenty of time.  Which in the gay world means I have a week to get my shit together.  (kidding)
    He's really into me.  I had nooo idea.  I must walk around with a sack over my head.  I never see this shit coming.  I told him I would think about it.  He has already sent me some texts.  It's been almost two weeks since Scott and I went our separate ways and the kids moved out yesterday.  It's just me and this drafty old barn I live in. 
    So what do y'all think?  Give it go?  Wait before getting in the saddle again?   Rebound is my biggest worry.  Last week I was considering checking into a psych ward and this week I'm looking at a potential relationship.  What is my life?  o_O

  2. We need to get our shit together man lol do what makes you happy
  3. Do it

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  4. Lol definitely not what I expected from the thread title. But yeah man, go for it. Why the fuck not. Sounds like you guys are complete opposites. Opposites attract. Plus he's loaded
    I would go for it, there isn't a rule saying that you must wait a certain amount of time before considering something with someone else. I personally am a big fan of it, I'm not going to sit around putting anymore emotion into something that no longer exists, and getting back in the saddle is the best way to do that. 
    I actually started dating my husband about 2 days after I dumped my BF at the time.  Sometimes things happen for a reason. 
    I found out later that my friends set this whole thing up.  The dinner was just a ruse to get us together.  We're going out this Saturday.  Apparently he has been interested for awhile.  I'm excited and terrified.  What the Hell am I going to talk about?  Normally my interaction with him is Hi, Bye or see ya later.  Now I have to come up with entire sentences.  My wallflower routine ain't gonna fly.   
  7. Unless you talk about this guy incessantly your friends put this together for a reason, HE likes YOU. You don't have to worry so much, just be yourself, he isn't expecting a song and dance routine, he likes you for a reason, including your wallflower awkwardness. Maybe it even turns him on, who knows, some people like the whole "hard to get, innocent lamb for the slaughter" routine. Chances are he is going to take the lead, and ask you the questions, and steer the conversation. You just need to go with the flow and look hot on your date. :)
  8. Jesus fuck. You ARE an idiot. You don't even recognize how much of an awesome person you are. You're caring, loving, smart, sweet, AND you have your head on pretty straight because I always agree with you lol.

    I almost wish the guy would have given it 6 months to a year before contacting you just so could be sure that your heart is ready. I don't want you to mess up something good because of timing!

    My biggest advice is, don't overthink anything. Just let things flow and don't dwell too much on anything at all.

    I wish you all of the luck. You deserve it and I hope you know it.

    Going to go google hirsuit now.
    Hirsute means "Hairy".  I already have a nickname rolling around in my head.  Shash yazh (little bear).  I love you. :)

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