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which is nicer ???

  1. 1st post's one

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  2. 2nd post's one

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  1. help me... which skateboard deck ???

    dunno their names so i will just make the poll "1st one" and "2nd one"


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  2. or this one ??

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    Or get what i got, a Suspect.

    Get an Aircraft mig-29, Aircraft makes the same decks for suspect too, they're 6064 t6 aluminium with carbon plastic inserts in the nose and tail, they got mad pop and are stiff as hell, I love mine, i weigh 250 lbs and i can't break it i even tried focusing it several times and i challenege everybody else i skate with to try and focus it and they can't either.

  4. ta

    how much would a suspect be ??? im on a bit of a budget.
  5. god i love hook-ups!
  6. yeah, anime is very cool, oh yeah and skateboards too :D
  7. screw skateboarding, if i ever got a hook-ups deck, it would go on my wall!

    this kid i used to be friends w/ has a shirt that says "school sucks" w/ a nice anime teacher, loved that shirt
  8. Mine cost the same as a wood deck, in the local shop it was $56 out the door with griptape
  9. I got the Suspect "Pimp Daddy" deck, deadbolt trucks, and POS generic wheels. I need to find some fat soft wheels tho, cause it's all rough and shit to ride around here, and a lot of downhill, i need some grippy soft wheels to hook it up.

    Oh yeah, and on the aluminum decks, they come with carbon plastic nose and tail that's shaped and feels/acts just like wood. These push into the ends of the deck and ya just shoe goo 'em in. they already come glued in and new ones are like $20 so when you wear down the nose and tail you can just buy new pieces, put glue on em and hammer 'em in.

    It's also sweet cause aluminium slides better than wood on rails.


  10. thats kinda my point w/ screw skating... i suck ass at it, but if i would buy that to be art man... art
  11. go for number 1....gotta have blue hair!

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