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A Different Thing to try while gone

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bodyshield, May 17, 2006.

  1. so i am currently high so this might not make sense but it sounds cool......okay so i went swimming today and a contact fell out and i was like awww fuck it, ill just wear one. so keep in mind i have horrible near sight so one eye blurs and the other is perfectly clear. so it was annoying and so me and a friend went and smoked a couple of bowls and get high......well here is the thing, i was high when i still had only one contact it. talk about weird, half or my vision would be blind and half perfect, talk about messing w/ the brain. but it was cool cause sometimes everything would clear up (both sides). another weird thing to do is, close one eye and leave the other open and see the differences.......yeh sounded cool, and was pretty cool to do
  2. don't do this may throw off your renal muscles by making your brain compensate (or try to) for the difference

    I'm not basing this on any study or cold hard fact obviously but from a medical pov it's possible even to the extent of giving you horrible migraines

    always keep a spare set or remove the other and have someone drive for you if need be
  3. well i didnt get a migraine at all, was a different experience to say the least
  4. dude one of my contacts ripped a little a while ago, i tried wearing just one and let me tell you it sucks. a lot.

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