a different sought of Santa story.

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    there was this guy I lived with right before I got the Santa suit...An excon, we both were on real tough times sharing an apartment. He had a wife and newborn, and things got bad.

    He decided he was going to go steal a van with clothes, sell the clothes, make money...We were always smoking, and anyway, he got arrested the night I went out to my friends bachelor party...I never saw him again after that.

    The next day, the landlord looted his place ( a common practice, and we called it Last Man Standing)...I picked up a North Pole Jacket ( I am saying the brand wrong, but it is those nice winter jackets)...Incidently, this jacket was used for my first Santa outfit, on Halloween. for some reason, I decided to dress like Santa, got red felt and cotton, and glued a red suit out of this jacket, sprayed my beard white, and walked too some friends...That jacket was then stolen from me by my landlords friend, who felt I did not need that jacket anymore and took it...Couldn't argue with that logic.

    The other thing I grabbed were this guy's photos albums. He had about six of them, some of him in prison, some of his child ( her name was Haille, and I made her a promise when nobody was around that I intend to fucking keep)...I don't know why I grabbed them, but I have tugged these things around for years.

    One of the things I would like to do is return these books to him at the same time I fulfill my promise to his daughter...

    These are teh "crazy" ideas that kind of make me smile...Sure, it will be impossible for me to accomplish the Santa Movement, and I may never fullfill my promise to his daughter...I just think it would be fun.

    I remember having an argument with this guy over his daughter's name...I claimed she was named as a tribute to Eminem, and he denied it ( he was not an eminem guy lol)

    Though this guy would never remember the argument, I remember it as being a fun thing during a crazy time...

    whenever I begin to doubt myself, I understand its not just about me...Those photo albums have helped over the years.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. This is something I rarely ever talk about.

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