A detailed walk-through guide for indoor grow?

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  1. I've been reading around a lot, and every guide or video will show me different things, because every grower usually has his or hers own style and preferences.
    But I can't seem to find a guide that will cover all the basics you need to know about and follow up on. Flushing, topping/pruning, how to force growth from veg and bloom from growth, although I have read up on it, I usually forget some due to all the new and different information I indulge on.
    Could anyone recommend one or more guides that will lead you from A-Z or seed to harvest?
    A nice good read, don't mind if it is long and I don't mind if it is the best preferred grow style or not.
    I am currently in preparations for my first grow, which I hopefully will be starting in a two weeks time from now, and by then I hope to have learned enough to lead the ladies on. 
    I will grow 2-3 plants as a first timer, but I really wish that at least one, hopefully all of them will survive till the end. It don't matter to me if the yield is not the best on the first go, but being rewarded at all for hard work is the final goal.
    So if anyone can recommend any good thorough reading material for me to spend my leisure time on for the next few weeks, please share!

  2. Jorge Cervantes has a youtube channel. Id suggest starting on his videos.
  3. I havent found one, i also looked around to find a single detailed video. I just had to jump around. Me personally i didnt like cervantes videos, i know hes a legend but his vids were kinda boring.
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    There's tons of guides and e books out there. There's a guide in this section. Grandpa's grow journal is stickied in this section. Just hit up Google and you'll find a bunch of them.
  5. Thanks guys. 
    Decided to ready Grandpa's grow first. 

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