a deficiency or nutrient-burn?

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  1. This plant is about 4 months old and in a lul. I'm not sure if I over fed her or if this is a deficiency. Any help is definitely appreciated.


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  2. yes there is a defencey, the soil looks saturated with water and the plant also displays the classic signs of overwatering, yellowing of lower older fans leaves and the leaves not yet yellowing are beginning to droop.

    your ferts dont seem to be dooing the job either, what are you using?

    cut back on the frequency of watering start using this and you should see improvement within 48 hrs

    Vegatative cycle fertilizer
    Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food (they make several fertilizers be sure its this one)
    Fertilizer Analysis: 24-8-16 with micronutrients
    2 level "Teaspoons" per gallon of water, (reduce this by 50% first time application) use this as your water, feed every other watering till flowering
  3. gotcha on the watering, the hole I dug was about 3' x 3' and almost 100% clay. B4 we backfilled the hole with new dirt, we filled the hole with water and it took almost 8 hours to drain. About a month ago I pulled her out of the ground and turned the soil and added pearl lite.

    I'm using a barrage of nuts. Here's a summary

    Up to last week
    Organics Alive Solution
    Earth Juice Grow
    MetaNaturals (base 3-3-3)
    Earth Juice Catylist

    I hit them 2 or 3 times with Miracle Grow.

    For flowering, I have gone with the Foxfarm solution
    Foxfarm - Tiger Bloom
    Foxfarm - Open Sasame
    Foxfarm - Big Bloom
    Organics Alive Solution

    I also added Primal Harvest Bloom about 2-3 weeks ago so it would be available for flowering, which is ocuring on about 50% of my crop.

    Thanks for the speedy response
  4. dig em up

    get some Black gold soil, and 5 gallon buckets or larger, with all the shit you threw @ that plant it should be fert burnt or 7 ft tall, but as I suspected its drowning.

    I also recommend using the MG ferts I use (there are many get the exact one)
    this contains all necessary micronutes this plant needs after transplanting

    or damned near stop watering, Id transpalnt

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