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  1. Hi friends, I'm pretty frustrated right now, and I felt that this is the only place I can share this. Please read everything:

    So after coming out from church (I'm actually an atheist, but I have to pretend that I'm catholic to avoid being abandoned by my entire family), my mother informs me of a friend that is going through an hard time, since her son was in a car with a few friends that were high, and they were pulled over by the police. I'm sure you all know what happens here.

    Anyway, my mother, a bible thumper that will obey everything the Catholic church and the government says like a puppet, is known for becoming very aggressive and unreasonable when losing arguments. So, unbeknownst to her that I am a stoner and a marijuana activist, she tries to force some bull down my throat about how I should never smoke marijuana because the government says so. Because I like experimenting on other humans (slightly demented), I decided to play the role of a guy who doesn't smoke weed but respects people for obeying their free will and doesn't stand for propaganda.

    So driving her home, we get into a heated debate about marijuana. Her main point, being the mindless follower that she can be sometimes (I still love her), were that we should listen to the higher-ups without question. Pretending to be someone I wasn't, I told her the real reason that marijuana is illegal, how the current state of global warming might have been lessened if hemp was still used as paper instead of trees, and some other benefits of the herb.

    Long story short, her main point becomes that I should avoid being around anyone that smokes weed because they will indubitably influence me. I basically told her that (remember that I'm role-playing) just because a few people I know smoke weed, I choose to do it with them just to become "cool" or whatnot. I brought up that a a few of my teachers, more specifically the smartest and best professors at my school have admitted to trying marijuana and feel that it has had no negative impact on them.

    Being the unreasonable b*tch that she can be, she starts screaming at me and throws out things that have nothing to do with the argument such as: "I gave birth to you, so you have to listen to everything I say" and "God says you have to listen to everything I say or go to HELL". My answers were like "I never gave you permission to give birth to me" and "So if you tell me to hang myself..."

    Another long story short, she starts crying uncontrollably because she knows deep down that she can't win the argument, and threatens to kick me out of the house and cancel my college loans and everything. The thing is, I'm sure she is dead serious. Whenever she acts like that, everything she says is going to happen. She has burned many of my college books before when she lost an argument about the existence of god (I used the magical unicorn example).

    So basically, I'm worried that I will get kicked out and rejected by the rest of my family (she is an expert at lying and exaggerating to convince people that she is righteous). I'm truly disappointed that some people will go out of their way to convince themselves on a psychological level that they are always right and their moral values are superior to those of others. Maybe this mentality comes with being religious. And if I'm kicked out, I have no where to go (until July). But luckily for me, she doesn't know that I actually love using marijuana and I would rather be toking that attending a faux catholic ritual with her.

    What are your thoughts on this situation?:(
  2. :confused: maybe try to get a temp home or resolve it with your mom.
    this is way out of whack.
  3. How about you just say fuck it and agree with everything she says? Sounds like you're almost out of the house, and college loans is a lot of money to lose because of a little argument like that.
  4. Every parent needs to watch The Union.

    Make her watch it. Even if you have to tie her down and tape her eyelids open.
  5. I know what you're talking about. I personally don't have any experience with heavily religious people, but I feel that all religion is essentially conditioning. You hear the same thing over and over again about how there is a god and what not your whole life. I can understand that some people need something to believe in, but asking some non-existing entity to grant your wishes seems a little ridiculous. Religion is just another tool to control the masses. There isn't a single shred of evidence that there was ever a man named Jesus who could magically turn water into wine and whatever other bullshit stories that are in the bible. I often compare the bible to harry potter. It's a book that got really popular about a guy that can do magic.

  6. Realistically, even if I do manage to do this somehow, she would still have doubt as long as people are in jail for doing marijuana. And why are they in jail? Because it's illegal. And why it's illegal doesn't make sense.

    I'm not a wrathful person, but I get so angry when someone reacts like that that I will never back down. Her house will turn into a verbal battlefield. I will eventually come up with a plan to keep her from over-reacting. I just need time.

    Maybe something is wrong with me because I am willing to risk losing my future to prove that the law's say on marijuana is unjustified. But it will all work out in the end, hopefully.
  7. Dude man. I can relate. I'm so glad I'm about to be going to college in a few months too. My mother is a hardcore Bible-believer and I'm an agnostic leaning toward atheist. My dad couldn't care less about religion, though he does believe in a higher being.

    I hate having to role-play. I have to go to church nearly every Sunday, though it's cut back now. Church does nothing for me. I've heard the same shit for years now. It's just being said by a different person in a different format. You should hear some of the bullshit they say at my church. One time, they even discredited Islam... They are SURE that Christianity is the right path and the ONLY path to enlightenment. People like that piss me off...

    The kids are even worse. They all act like spoiled brats and are convinced that Christianity is the only way. They accept, but never question. When I posed a question in a youth retreat we had a few years back, challenging the existence of God, they reprimanded me verbally.

    My mother basically uses God as an example for everything. She says life is a "test" of your faith and allegiance to God. I doubt that. If life is a test, it's a sure shitty test and it's one that's unfair to everyone who lives on Earth. Then, you get hell --- eternal suffering as a punishment for not believing in a being who doesn't even care as to intervene once in our life... That length of punishment is not equivalent to the amount of time spent on Earth. Another fallacy of Christianity. By threatening people with eternal damnation, a punishment that we aren't even fully sure exists, people can declare unwavering faith so that their soul doesn't suffer immolation. Very selfish and contradictory for a faith that is so intent on community. Then again, the entire faith is contradictory by way of The Bible.

    Christianity just turns me off because of the people who practice it. Maybe if most of the people who practiced it weren't inconsiderate, hypocritical assholes, maybe I would respect it as much as other religions. However, that is not the case. Alot of Christians act so much more holier-than-thou, which makes me want to give Christianity and it's establishment a big middle finger to the sky.

    I love my mother too, but I don't really care that much for Christianity. I'm so glad that soon my life will be mine and I don't have to go to church anymore.

    Then again, I'm not bashing EVERY religious person, I'm just speaking from experience. I respect a lot of Christians that I know. Some of the people I smoke with are Christians. It's just the establishment and the faith and how people use it as a moral barometer that pisses me off.

    I'd rather be a freethinker and not follow what was written over 2000 years ago by humans.

  8. Haha, but unlike the bible, Harry Potter is more interesting.
    But on the topic of religion, during a church service, a woman was giving a homily about how Jesus was present in her life. The basic and unexaggerated story was that she had some kind of cancer, and an ATHEIST surgeon helped her get rid of it. He told her that he didn't believe in that bull, but she then said that "she saw Jesus in him". After the surgery was completed, she started praising God and all of that nonsense and proclaimed that she is only alive because of Jesus/The Holy Spirit, while the surgeon was probably shaking his head. In that case, it wasn't Jesus who saved her. It was a human being, not some celestial spirit that cares only for the wellbeing of the inhabitants of earth, and ignoring the fact that we are only a spec of dust compared to the rest of the universe. I don't want to insult any of the religious here, but its hard for me to believe that an organization as big, powerful, and controlling as the Catholic Empire couldn't be corrupt.

  9. At least someone has a brain in their heads... people don't stop to question these days... that's the problem.
  10. ^^ what he said. your moms faith makes her happy, let her have her beliefs.

  11. Wow! I can relate exactly!
    And of hypocrisy, many practitioners of the faith claim to love God and all their neighbors, yet many will be the first to make generalizations such as "all Muslims are terrorists". They will claim to have hospitality, but will threaten and condemn you to hell (as if they ARE the "almighty" themselves") if you don't want to believe. It is a scare tactic that I may say is very effective.

    And as stoners or non-believers, when we try to share our thoughts on religion, we are considered blasphemists. That is why we are silent. In fact, I think that there should be some kind of online community for "secret agnostics and atheists", if there is not one already.

    But back on track, isn't it sad that people will believe whatever an authority will tell them? I mean, if tomorrow marijuana was legalized, I am 100% sure that my mother will completely change her opinion on it. She wouldn't even question why it was legalized.
  12. ur mom sniffs coke
  13. Why do you enjoy pissing your mom off? Yes, she is unreasonable and mostly wrong, but how else could she be? After so many years of mental conditioning by the church and by her peers she is the person she is and you are you. Why would you try to change that if you knew you couldn't, as well as risk your relationship, living situation, and college?
  14. I don't enjoy arguing with her about this. I don't even care about changing her religion, those were just observations. Why I want to change her views on marijuana and prevent her from being a tool at the cost of my relationship and future?

    Call me idiotic, but probably because subconsciously, I strongly believe that if I make her more accepting of reality, I can do the same for others. I'll be the first to admit that it's a fool's dream, but I will try.

    But I don't enjoy doing it.
  15. I've been in your situation and I have laid down all these fun facts that I read on the internet about why marijuana isn't such a bad thing after all. The only thing it ever got me was a lessened social status and a disheartened family member. But why should I care about what others think and why should I care to be accepted by my peers when it is all superficial? Because I do care and it is important to me that I fit into society. This is contradictory with what most others think on here.

    It doesn't help your situation to try to change their viewpoints on something we here know the truth about. When you argue with your mother, you do enjoy proving her wrong like she enjoys preaching about her religion and interests.
  16. ya ive had LOTS of heated disscussions with my mom simmilar to yours. after breaking her (bwahah) i finnally got her to accept the facts that weed isnt as bad as people make it out to be and all of that.. but it didnt change anything. its still illegal and no parent trusts their kid to do something illegal when they could be held responsible for it. that also the word "DRUG" just scares everyone. i mean we all know it isnt a 'drug/chemical', its a plant, but its still technically an illegal drug and when your still property of your parents you better just obey. especially when a colledge fund is riding on it.

    i respect your balls though mang, i mean a couple of my freinds parents are bible thumper-psycos and i would NEVER step to one of those. heella scarry hahahah

  17. I think you have something there. Just reading that makes me feel sick that I enjoy making her sad. But the the thing you may forget is that she provoked it by trying to shove her opinions down my throat. I didn't just go off on her without any reason to. She attacked my beliefs, and playing the role of someone else, I defended them. Naturally, I will not let myself be attacked without defending myself. Blame human nature.

    And with the fitting in to society thing, I respect your opinion and I have this to say. If I was asked randomly if I like fitting into society, I would instinctively say no, and I would then state all the bad things and trends that emerged from it, such as materialism (specifically the love of money). But then again, I have portrayed these traits without thinking of it. I feel as though I need money to enjoy myself (including buying weed), but I would never admit this. So I cannot say that I want to blend in with society or that I don't want to. (Sorry to go off tangent)

  18. Thanks, I respect my balls as well. I think someone has to stand up for the truth.
  19. Your moms a bitch tbh
  20. god and the bible are 100% fake and made up. the first 20-30 mins of this movie will blow ur fucking mind.
    [ame=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1817848131611744924]Zeitgeist, The Movie | Final Edition [ ENGLISH subtitles ][/ame]

    it explains how christianity is bullshit and the whole point of religion, then it goes on to talk about the govt and the new world order. i posted it here cuz theres alot of banter on religion, and any1 that wants some killer facts to shove in the face of a christian to disprove his whole purpose in life ur welcome.

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