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A dealer off craigslist.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KelseyCannabis, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I put a ad on craigslist "Looking for tickets to maryjane game on 4/20" (Lol.. was half for jokes and half serious) anyway didnt think i'd get any replies but i got one today. I put the ad in the "Strictly platonic" section.. Anyways he said he could fine, for 120 a half o .. i said cool right on i'll let you know when i'm in the city.. because i live in a small town but go to the city often. he started asking me my age, asked me for my facebook because he thinks im a cop, and just trying to conversate.. should i go through with this or is this guy just being a creep? i know it's kind of common sense not to post that on craigslist, and not to meet someone off the internet .. hes 30 btw, but im in desperate need of a hook up lol.
  2. Fuck that.. Just go to ur local movie theater and ask around.. Everyone smokes and works at the movies.
  3. Holy shit that was you, sorry i thought you were a cop man. just a little paranoid.
  4. I know personally wouldnt if he was confident in dealing of Craigslist he wouldn't ask you all of that info.
  5. LOL and you're a female... wow. Hopefully you don't become a statistic aka rape
  6. I wouldnt, technically it doesnt fall under entrapment if he is a cop because you set out with the intention to commit a crime. I had someone once offer me a great deal on here for something im not allowed to talk about, lets just say it involved the mail but I had previously made a post indicating I was considering taking action to obtain said item. So fearing it was a cop or scam, I figured it wasnt worth it no matter how good it supposedly was and cheap. I knew if it was a cop it wouldnt fall under entrapment so I never responded. Only when you are contacted first with no prior intention of committing a crime would I go through with it.
  7. If your in desperate need,go ahead.You ain't doing something wrong,your not selling or smoking.It's a hard thing for cop's to sell weed.
  8. I don't think dealing weed is a good cover up for a serial rapist. And don't be paranoid about cops because cops aren't going to waste their time on a sting for a half o. What bad can happen if you give him your facebook?
  9. he said he doesnt have facebook
  10. I really wouldnt, and how would he look at your facebook without his own? Its not possible

  11. then why did he ask for yours :rolleyes:

    even if he was legit before, i doubt he would be after you done talkin to him
  12. Have fun being raped and murdered! :wave:
  13. How would he be a creep? He is probably just as paranoid as you, probably more because he is risking going to jail for selling and you are just risking misdemeanor possession. I'd say do it with caution, and realize the risks.
  14. yeah it is a little sketch lol i dont know if i would do it. what about that guy from that gas station you talked about that blazes hes probably got a hook.
  15. Lol who cares if it's a cop. Dude probably wanted to size up whoever was on the other line and rob them (male or female). But since you're a female, he probably just wants some strictly platonic ass.

    I wouldn't do it though, I take comfort in knowing where I can get my buds for this reason. I don't like sketchy situations.
  16. #17 bp4er, Mar 13, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2012

    Better bring one of these just incase

    Edit: (rape whistle)
    Edit2: You think you can't get raped, but a rapist doesn't care what you think <3
  17. Here is an idea, meet up with him for a quick bite to eat or some coffee to make sure he is normal. After that if he seems okay tell him lets smoke a bowl and tell him after we both finish it up we will both feel confident enough to do some business.
  18. literally 2 months ago i got arrested for criminal solicitation which is a felony for trying to find a guy through craigslist
  19. She isnt in the U.S. though, so I am not sure if that applies

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