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    Hey guys, im from the UK. Early 20's living with a fellow GC blade! We grow, we smoke alot and we have some crazy times I've been a little down and im currently not smoking due to mental / financial problems. follow or not this thread is pretty much a diary to help me relax and say things I couldnt normally. with plenty of stories and photos. Just an idea, plus a little experiment that people on the web will lean my personality, traits and shit. So.... Continue or delete
  2. Continue please
  3. Just a warning, there will likely be alot of boring spots during work hours. Apart from forklift racing ect
  4. subscribed. :smoke:
  5. Nice.... Well I guess I should start with a little background info over a fag and a cuppa like a typical Brit haha.

    Been living with fellow blade Rwfisme1 for a year or so (no homo)

    I come a rural family, sheep chickens farm lyfe. I dont like it never have and I dislike my father so I moved outta the nest early. I work in the off road motorcycle business and a mechanic / sales / rider.

    Always happy to answer questions so get involved
  6. Just for the record, im not a Yamaha fan

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  7. Just a little story from last night as nothing sofar today interests me.

    So me and ryan (the fellow GC blade i live with) started our grow op 32 days ago, previous to this we were in the business of unmentionable sales. However after our town has thrown out a huge police force agaisnt alot of dealers/smokers around us we decided it was time to stop. It was fun while it lasted and free smoke ! After calling my 3 contacts ( we worked as a group) to tell them it was time for me to step out they seem a little pissed but we are tight so I agree to take him the few oz i had left in the house. We drive to meet one of the group, pull up give him the bag and leave. Feeling a little relived we are out (and putting less stress on my girl as she hated it) we head back.

    I get a phone call the next day ! He was arrested 60 seconsd after we left, we were watched. We have no contact for a while, he has had his phone taken houses searched ect, then another phone call ! The next guy was arrested and JAILED.


    Luckily we have been safe so far, but having 2 of 4 arrested ( the fourth went awol) put us on edge. So we have been living in fear for while especially with the grow, the police presence in town gets stronger and stonger. Nightly choppers, 15 police cars travel past the house a night, foot patrols ect ect.

    So time passes, we chill out a little. fast forward........

    2 weeks into the grow, we head to a local shop after a few joints for some food ( pancakes and mago juice). We walk to our street talking as usual. Outta fucking now where a police car is sitting OUTSIDE our place, with to officers feet from our door. We are about 20 meters from them at this point and our hearts sink. " this is it mate" I said to ryan. He wanted to run, get a last few hours to think it over and calm down. Never the less I face up to it and drag him along to, we walk to the house only to find they had pulled someone over outside our door. Feeling relived but still on edge we skuttle inside like hermets and dont dare to look out the window ( rediculous i know) .

    To recap, I needed new boxers
  8. Damn man. That's the very reason I would never deal anything. I'd be WAY too paranoid.
  9. The paranoia stays too! Haha but needs must . We just got to big too fast.

    I have some pretty funny stories about it all but dont want to go into it too much I dont want beef with YODA lol
  10. Fuck em all. Get rid of anything you have that could convict you. Start off fresh. And deny everything or better yet dont say anything at all. You dont say nuthin they dont know nothing
  11. Fuck who? We have cleared anything that can be used as evidence of supplying so were good
  12. Fuck the people who want to ruin your life over a plant bruh.
  13. [quote name='"grosfrag"']

    The paranoia stays too! Haha but needs must . We just got to big too fast.

    I have some pretty funny stories about it all but dont want to go into it too much I dont want beef with YODA lol[/quote]

    Pm me man, I'd love to hear em and I don't think you can get in trouble for it.
  14. I'll write some up and make sure they are mod friendly
  15. Cannabis is a big subject in the UK this month due to the attempted de criminalization. However im pretty sure the police would fuck me not mefuck them. My plan is too keep my head down. We are pretty unsuspecting. Both full time workers, girlfriends, our own place that's respectable and tidy , plus the grow is very sly
  16. So with the lead up to christmas I get pretty bummed out, im not a fan of it. After year of domestic arguments within my family it just ruined it for me and I never really got into. I had an amazing christmas last year with my girlfriend, the whole works ! Dinner, a tree, family coming to visit ect ( I lived with her ) Sadly we came to an end and christmas is back to normal.

    Luckily this years im keeping busy on the 25th, Ive even worked it all out to stop me from not getting up and not bothering with it all. It consists of mainly smoking blunts , going to see my mother and brother, coming back home for a few beers and off for a grand dinner hosted by my housemates mum in a closed village pub. It should be pretty cool , im looking forward to my 4th christmas dinner. This time I will have the munchies :smoke:
  17. Sounds like you're gonna have a nice Christmas man :)
  18. So today im pretty much just killing time until work finishes, 5 hours and 15 mins !

    Ive never really enjoyed my job all that much, I was very intelligent at school with CATs and GCSE's both in the top 3 % of my year. However I was VERY lazy and always have been. I lack motivation and to be honest alot of morals, ive stolen , beat on people, lied ect. Im sure as hell not proud of it but I do what I have to get by. I dont condone illegal activity ( unless is mary j related ) and dont partake in anything like that any more. I made it through my school life being hasstled by teachers, parents and others regarding my effort, and it just pushed me further away.

    Alas I went from the top 3% to pretty much flunking my A levels ( equivilent to college i think) Hell I even missed one of my final exams in photography to smoke up. I didnt know exactly where I wanted to go in life after that, I couldnt go to university, I was not allowed to re sit the year due to my effort levels and drug problem (my teachers all knew I was blazed) I am a pretty creative guy and too creative lessns , photography, art, media and graphic design so the lessons were pretty chilled. Not so much lessons but time allocated to work on your projects with little to no guidence. Obviously what does a stoner do when left to their own devices....smoke.

    Two of my tutors actually supported my habit as it often left me easy to worth with and calmer. Especially with my photographer tutor who reminds me of my father , we would often be ready to throw fists but secretly we respected eachother. Anyway Im getting side tracked, after leaving education I was put straight into work by my father ( im not complaning at all its a job! ) Ive always been made to work hard, living on a farm meant manual labour from a very early age, chopping wood before school ect...

    After settling into the job, I was faced with a few tough decisions.
    As my father owns the company, its hard to work with him due to our poor relationship, and he was the same with his father. He also has 3 brothers who all detest eachother and they also have no polite contact with their father who is very ill currently, and only lives minutes away. I slowly stopped working more and more, I put no effort in, I smoke at work. Yet I have aspirations to be a good employee, sadly nothing comes of my rare spurs of motivation.

    Im not challenged here, I have little creative work anymore and I now spend alot fo time e-mailing. Should I move on to a job that excited me or sit tight and hope to work my way to having the busniess passed onto me ....
  19. So after deciding I was going to stop smoking I relapsed , went and picked up 7gs for a smoke, ended up staying locked to the sofa blazed until 6am. Not a wink of sleep, feeling rough I went and got into bed. did I mention I start work at 8am haha. I was trying so stay awake as I knew if I fell asleep I wouldn't make it. No show = no bonus!

    I figured the best way to stay awake is occupy your hands, with a joint of course. Smoking away in bed I feel myself slipping, then wake up. It's 7.46 and im not even up. My car pool is ringing as he picks me up at 7.35. I lrush like fuck, charging round my house like a tank and sprint the half mile path to him. Get to work at 8.13, the boss aka my father isn't in , then I found out we are not getting an x mas bonus this year.... at least im still blazed
  20. OP your life of selling unmentionables sounds like this movie I was just watching, the reason I bring it up because it was a really good movie actually, if you ever get a chance to check it out its called "Layer Cake"

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