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  1. Today was jus one of those days...

    Usually i wake up at 7 so i can be to adult ed by 8:20ish and meet up with whoever n leave. Unless itsa tues or thurs or fri. I got classes on those days but not long classes.

    Anyways, I said fuck it and slept in until like 11:30. Woke up to see a buncha missed calls.

    Call up my homie and he's over at miracles with a fat sack.

    He had a half ounce.

    They done smoked 3 blunts by the time i got there.

    We smoked blunt tthere till about 2:00.

    We walked to this park by our adult ed. I rolled up a blunt and was smokin it when i see this girl CeCi walk up in the park. Not 5 minutes later my homie Hankey pulls up in his bad ass bourboun. Well its a peice of shit 84 burboun. BUt he drove this bitch up over the curb and way up into the park to talk to her like a dumbass.

    They were fighting and made up. Took her too work and came back. He was with my boy mike which i aient seen in over 2 months because he moved to south carolina.

    So we smoked 2 more blunts driving around in the bourboun. By the time we done. We roll down my our boy Gordys crib. Whos blazer's outside but TJ's, Gordys older brother.

    Hankey and TJ got mad beef. Hankey's homeless and lives in his bourbon because of TJ. Hankeys a hood ghetto gangster mother fucker but hes suing TJ and he dont want to scrap him because of it.

    So TJ pulls a uey and fucking chases us. Hankey dont want no problems because then the sueing will be thrown out.

    So he chased us all over the city. Till hankey was like fuck it. A buncha traffic coming. HUrryed up and pulled out in front opf them almost gettin hit and jus enough time so that all the cars blocked TJ. Finally lost him there.

    We did a buncha more shit i dont even feel like gettin into. We ran from the cops too.

    I got dropped off around 7 because i needed to get home and take care of shit when my homie stopped by and needed a bag. Im out for doin buss so he gave me a ride to get him hooked up and we drove out to some lake far away and smoked a couple blunts.

    Now 10:00 sittin back takin bong hits to the dome.
  2. haha intense man
  3. i wish i had the testicular fortitude to smoke that many blunts. jesus i respect you man.

    crazy day too.
  4. man you always got hella shit goin on. Listening to your stories is like watching a fucking movie, ACTION movie. with gats, aks, and bourbons.:hello: thanks for the story.+rep
  5. damn, that's alot of blunts man! "We don't pass out after 8 blunts. Why? 'Cause we used to it!" haha nice. +rep for the story.
  6. Thats alot of blunts..
  7. thas a crazy story man i like to chill i couldent be runnin around like that +rep
  8. Thanks for the +reps and positive feedbacks everybody.

    Guess today was another day like that but i wanst involved this time.

    Same dudes, Hankey and TJ. I guess hankey went by Lil Gordys crib. Well TJ is gordys older brother.

    Well he went there, Got out his ride, And well what happens but TJ runs out the crib with a tire iron and hankey jumped in the ride and started it up and TJ dented the fuck outthe side of his hankeys burboun while Hankey jus hti the gas and squeeled outta there. TJ pulled out a gat and flashed it around or something.

    I guess cops got called by neighbors n shit, Whats new.

    They heard TJ and Hankey and 13 fucking cop cars and K9's together showed up at TJ's. HAHAHAH!! TJ and Hankey are well known by the police.

    Well there was like 15 something people over gordys crib and most of them scattered, My homie Ray said fuck it and kicked it down the block with hankey. Police question hankey and hes jus like "Fuck you pigs, I fucking hate pigs. Get the fuck out of my face, I didnt call you faggots, I dont want nothing to do with you bitchs." Ect ect and almost got arrested for disturbing the peace. Heh, What peace lol.

    Jus another day in the life.
  9. damn dude, i could not handle your life. you always got shit going on. i hate making waves i just like letting things flow but it seems like you always got some bumps in the road to deal with

    atleast u get to smoke a lotta weed along the way
  10. Its hectic at times but can be a helluva lot of fun.

    But yeah, Drugs get me through the shit. All the alcohol i drank, The herb i burn, and newports i smoke and pills i eat get me through everything.

    Then having the stresses/excitement of having 1 or 2 kids on the way by two different mothers adds onto it and keeps me alive because i got something to live for.

    But tommrow should be interesting.

    Ya'll know this nukka Kyle ive talked about. He almost got me kicked outta adult ed, Threatened to kill me n my family n shit but would never do nuttin but run his mouth. Id tell him to come here n kill me becuase i was strapped n ready but he never showed.

    Well his ex-girlfriend is my ex-girlfriend too. And shes pregnant, And he thinks its his. But it could very well be mine.

    Well she needs to get to a few citys over tommroow to a FIA office n has no ride.

    So ima have hankey scoop her up tommrow, But its gon be her n kyle because kyle needs to sign things n pay for shit.

    Well then around 1ish hankey will scoop me up then ill go with him to pick them too up.

    Will be interesting seein kyle again.

    I want to jus smash this *****s skull in. And rip his fucking guts out and take a piss on him and....

    But i cant, I gotta be respectful infront of my maybe babys mama.
  11. sounds like some jerry springer shit...
  12. Damn man, I love reading your posts you always have a ton of shit going on. And that's a hell of a lot of blunts too nicee

    Damn man if I ran from the cops I'd probably devote an entire thread to it and it's just a side detail on your post haha
    +rep too
  13. Hahah, Pretty much.

    Thats why we got beef in the first place.

    We was aight at one point, We'd chill n smoke herb n shit. Not boys jus aight.

    So well i knew his girl nicole.

    And well they ended up breaking up. Like 3 weeks later i made my move on her and got her number n we jus started to hit it off.

    Like a week later we got together. Week after that we fucked.

    Kyle found out i fucked her and flipped out. Said he was gon kill em ect ect. Left message on my cell n home phone threatnin me n my family. Came to me in person but like 100-150 feet away n screamed shit but wouldnt have the balls to come to me because he knew id kill him, Literally kill him.

    Now shes pregnant, Thinks its his but slight chance its mine.
  14. KSR, i wish i lived the life you live. seriously, even with all the drama and trouble, id love to have it like you, at least almost just like you. i moved from a ghetto ass hood where fights and shootings happened on a weekly basis to a fucking place called "My Old Kentucky Home." it is fucking LAME, most of the population is 80+ year olds, but at least they dont say nothing when im walking down the street smoking a joint and saying hi to em. +rep man.
  15. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to KeepSmokinReefa again.

    fuck it, ill throw you some next time it lets me.

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