A day in a cat's life!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CheebaLaGanja, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. Yesterday I was hangin out w/ my friends C and S and we had some money so we went to go look for a bag so we start checking around and then we stop at a gas station and C see's a cat and tells S to go get it for her, I got out of the car to help too, so I catch the cat we looked and it had no collar or anything else so we figured it was just a stray so we put it in the car with us and then we drove to C's house and she put the cat inside and gave it some food and some milk, then we drive to go get pot, we got back to C's house and S had to go pick somebody up so he told us to wait on him until we smoked, so C started to roll this really big blunt and then she asked if we should wait, I was like nah just roll a little one for now so she rolled a little blunt so we smoked that and right at the end of it S and 2 other people got back and they asked if C wanted to match so C pulled out the big blunt that had already been rolled and they rolled up another while the first was going around, during our smoking session our new cat is just sitting around on the bed getting hits blown into his face and got hella stoned. I think that was a weird day for that cat. lol
  2. yeah thats sweet. I really want to get my cat stoned sometime. I always wanted a stoner mascot to blaze with me and my crew.
  3. lol we named the cat bobby boucher (the waterboy) because it's really retarded and we think it's inbred (sp?)
  4. that's kindof a sad story actually, as far as the cat's life goes.

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