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Discussion in 'General' started by Hazzey, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. After around 2-3 years of being a daily toker
    and browsing across the numerous cannabis
    related websites I got a strong urge to create my own.

    I have always had an easy time dealing with
    computers so I jumped at the opportunity to learn
    some computer coding and start building a website
    that not only I could enjoy but others could too. Around
    4-5 months ago I started the journey of teaching myself
    coding. Much of the time I would spark up a j and lock
    myself in my room for hours while I attempted to grasp this
    Foreign content. :smoke:

    Well I started around two weeks on the site and feel like
    I am ready to get viewer input on what I can fix/adjust with
    it. Feel free to tell me it sucks and what I can do to improve it!

    Daily Tokes » The Daily Toke Spot

    Thank You! I hope you Enjoy what I have Put Together so far!
    And Toke On!:smoke:

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