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Do you have ADD?

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  1. i was diagnosed with add in november, but im not one to take medication like that.

    anyways, i never really believed in add. i mean. yes, it is real. defficiency of --- i dont really know what it is, but i know its ligitamate. i just dont see it as anything that needs to be cured??

    i think pills are and medicines have gone overboard. people are people, not everything needs to be fixed and repaired. altering the brain has become the next cosmetic surgery.

  2. haha i think maybe i'm more like a "h-man" not quite an xmen, cuz like uhhh, i can smoke and pass drug tests n shit
  3. I've never been "tested" for A.D.D., but I'm pretty sure I've got it. My dad flunked out of high school, literally. Not that he didn't try, he did, but his grades just sucked. And it's not like he's stupid, either. He got his GED, and is only a few years away from retiring. But, I can still see some ADD-like tendencies. My brother has many ADD-like tendencies, and I have lots and lots of them. Damn genetics. :)

    But, I guess I don't see it as being all a hinderence. I think ADD is just another way to function, just a different pattern then the "normal" people. I have a tendancy to think about so many things at one time that most people can't keep up with me. In that way, it's very much a tool. When I'm interested in something, my brain can pick it apart from a zillion different angles all at once and extrapolate many many different outcomes of a situation all at once. I've learned that this can be good and bad, though, because I often *overthink* things to the point where I've thought of all possible outcomes, concluded the most plausable ones, but fear the worst and therefore don't actually take any action. Where most people have trouble "seeing the forest for the trees" I have touble "seeing the trees for the forest."

    The biggest hinderence, though, is simply being different. This world, and especially our society, doesn't tolerate difference very well. Sometimes I feel like I'm being forced into compliance with "the way it is." I've got all these simultaneous thought processes that could be put to such good use, but I simply can't make myself follow the system that's in place because it just doesn't fit me! My grades SUCKED in High School. Actually, come to think of it, my grades SUCKED in Elementary and Middle school, too. I flunked out of real college (4-year school) and my grades STILL SUCK in pretend (community) college. I'm currently in "drop-out" status. My brain doesn't fit the system, and the system doesn't tolerate that at all. My IQ is a steady 118, and I got a 13somthing on my SATs and a 29 on my ACTs. I just think differently then everyone else.

    No wonder I get so angry at the world. I don't belong in it, I don't fit in. Round pegs can fit into square holes, but I feel like a triangle.

    I think my ADD is a part of why I started smoking pot. The insane overload of data that comes in through my senses when I'm stoned was the first thing that ever captivated all of my attention at once. For once in my life there was something capable of bringing the flurry of very random and unrelated thoughts in my brain to a stop. All the chitter-chatter in my head went away. I was so captivated by being stoned that there was nothing else I could think about, I simply had to take it all in. Sweet, sweet internal silence. Well, at least the first few times.

    I love and loathe my ADD, I guess.
  4. Heres the test to see if you have ADD or ADHD:

    Sit down infront of the ps2 or whatever game system you play. If you can play it for over an hour without stoping, then you dont have ADD.

    I think people are just bored. In school for example, you dont pay attention or do your work because your bored or you just dont want to. It is crazy the amount of kids that are drugged up every day. People take the same drugs recreationally as kids diganosed with ADD.....
  5. Yes, I have it and it pisses me off what people think about it. I get a few special things to help me in school such as taking big tests in a room by myself or with everyone else who has the same thing. Half my teachers, when i ask to utilize these opportunities, tell me to my face or mumble something along the lines of either it not being a real disorder, or that i am just lazy. I find that alot of people think this and it is really pissin me off...i didnt choose to have it and i hate it.. The other people who piss me off are the kids in school who for one reason or another think its cool to have it and wish they had it.

    Welp, my bitchins over

    Peace and Blaze on :smoke:
  6. i remember in i think it was 1st grade, i was one of those kids that had been tought by my parents to hate all this newspeak liberal crap that they shove down your throat in gradeschool. and it kind of came out when i would talk to my teacher. so she decided that i was A.D.D. and forced my parents to give me this whole big series of tests and i had to go sit in a room and read a book for a certain amount of time and all this crap while a doctor watched me. the results of the test were that i was so far and away the opposite of A.D.D. that the doctor was amazed that anyone could have mistaken me for having it. i dont think i remember where i was going with that, but i think that it had to do with what a load of crap it all is and how teacher will just arbitrarily label unruly kids A.D.D.
  7. Public schools are just cookie cutters trying to mass educate everyone the same way and shoot em out into the world. Much respect to all the ppl with ADD or parents who help their children through ADD.
  8. i have ADD ADHD OCD im not doing too bad in school any more because i have plenty of medication to keep me aware of my work during the day
  9. I have ADD...it's a bitch

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