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  1. is there a way you can tell if you have A.D.D or A.D.H.D ?

    A lot of my friends say I am hyper just about all the time, and every now and then I feel like I'll just zone out. When I get baked however I seem to focus on things and I feel much calmer. I don't want to go to the doctor or talk to my parents about this because.. I don't know why I just fear what I don't know.
  2. Well im not sure sense i dont have it But weed to me makes me pretty hyper for the first few minutes of the high then i get really lazy like hard to focus and move but not sure what i can tell ya besides.

    My B-Day is 4-21!!! 1 more day! damit! lol April 21st err lol
  3. Multitasking and not getting one task done.
  4. heh.. I do that all the time... ahh should I probably see a doctor and get checked on it ?
  5. I think most people now can be considered ADD or ADHD. It's the way kids are being raised. There's always something to do and something to entertain us. I think I'm pretty bad when it comes to ADD, but I've learned discipline, or my parents enforced discipline. That's the only way to overcome it. I still sit in class and can't pay attention to the teachers because there's just not enough going on to hold my attention. I usually sit there and play on my palm pilot and write down some of the things they say. I seem to absorb more info that way.
  6. mslegallyblonde, I kinda have that hyperactivity thing, too. I constantly have to be doing something, usually with my hands. When I go on one of my hackey sack kicks (once every few months) I carry one where ever I go and every time I sit down I pull it out and play with it with my hands. It drives my mom nuts. I'll do that with about anything I can fiddle with. I've learned to deal with it for the most part, because my parents would spank me and ground me if I couldn't behave myself. After you get punished enough, you learn to stop the worst of it, but I still haven't overcome it all.
  7. hahaha i think i have add or adhd!!!!!
  8. i have adhd and i used to take adderal but i dont any more but when i smoke i makes me calm down and just chill.
  9. ADD is you cant really pay attention, you have trouble trying to.ADHD is more of you cant get anything done because you are always thinking about something else, or either its you're calm for like 3 minutes, then hyper as anything.I always have to be doing something with my hands because I get so bored so easily, ADD, ADHD is a thing you will grow out of when you get older.Dont ever take ritalin either, I wouldnt ever give anyone ritalin it makes you like a zombie and you really wont enjoy your life that much with it, it sucks.
  10. I'm 19 and haven't grown out of it, yet. It's hard as fuck to pay attention at college, but I know I have to so I do my best. The only way that I know of to beat add or adhd is through discipline. You just have to keep refocusing your thoughts and try to keep your ass still.
  11. I DONT THINK i have that but i have one symptom of it- its hard for me to focus one one thing for a long period of time..hard to concertrate in skool cuz 300 things go through my mind every second and its hard to pay attention n learn.....sorta.... i dunno.... i dont have it though..... wtf is the different between add and adhd??
  12. the difference is hyperactivity.
  13. has anyone heard of einstein syndrome ?

    supposidly it was passed down through the gene pool in my family. My dad tried explaining it to me, but basically I really doubt I have what he said and probably had ADD or ADHD...
  14. Howdey, gang!
    I suffer from
    Aquired Adult Attention Deficite Disorder.
    Up until very recently, the major Med. Ins. didn't recognize ADD in anyone over 16 years old.
    I was on ritalin(methylphenidate)
    for a while, which did seem to rev up my brain, but I couldn't get into gear. Just idled a bit faster. Then I began to manifest compulsive behavior, and I was switched to adderal xr. It's expensive, but what a difference it has made for me. I was willing to pay, it is that good for me. Now my insurance has started picking up the tab! I feel validated as a reality, no longer a puzzling curiosity. My best defense all along has been to be faihful to a prosthetic memory. I had to marry a notebook w/pen tied around my neck.(Works much better than a string tied around the finger...) Taking notes throughout the day, thoughts may occur! events, commitments, health issues Relevant data goes into the calendar/daily planner. Ideas and inspirations go in the diary. Garden activities go in the growlog and being able to compare daily activities/progress, while reinforcing brain activities/patterns has proved effective. So I guess self-discipline _is_ an important factor for control of the side effects of ADD: Caos in syncopated kinetic/static non-rhythems, counterpunctuated with random flashes of clarity, leading to feelings of uselessness, to frustration, to depression, to anger and rebellion.
    If you are figitty, you many not be adhd, just easily bored.
    As one of 6-10 kids, Mom required us to use our imaginations to entertain ourselves. We read books, practiced musical instruments, sang in the choir, studied our Bibles, did chores. For fun we put on skits, or we played in the mud building 'ruins' and creating 'fossils' to be 'discovered' on tomorrow's expedition. We roamed the fields, climbed all the trees, taught the dog tricks, got bee stung, poison ivy'd, caught in the rain, rescued lame critters, kept frogs and lizards for science' sake. These days, with TV, cinema, and the internet available to all, nothing is left to the imagination. Without exercize, it will atrophy, just like a paralyzed muscle group, shriviling until it is weak and lazy.
    I smoke pot that is energizing, not stoney. Try to find sativa dom. strains. But mostly get best results not from genetics, but harvest timing. An early harvest, before the tricomes even begin to darken, while most are clouding, but many are still clear. Then I can really focus >+<. A later harvest, with lots of amber crystals, is fine for severe pain, but I don't like being glued to the couch(rather, gluing myself to the couch). Pain is a software technicality and AAADD is a hard drive malfunction requiring constant re-booting.

    as if the earth girl(a webtv mentality) knew anything about 'puter technology...C U's L8R! eg

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