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  1. So i looked up A.D.D. on the internet and found out all the symptoms and what-not for it. Turns out i have every fucking single one of them:

    • fails to give close attention to details
    • makes careless mistakes in schoolwork, \t\t work, or other activities
    • has difficulty sustaining attention in \t\t tasks or activities
    • becomes easily distracted by irrelevant sights, \t\t sounds and extraneous stimuli
    • does not seem to listen when spoken \t\t to directly
    • does not follow through on instructions and fails to \t\t finish
    • schoolwork, chores, or duties in the workplace
    • has difficulty organizing \t\t tasks and activities
    • avoids tasks, such as schoolwork or homework, \t\t which require
    • sustained mental effort
    • loses things necessary for tasks or activities, \t\t like school
    • assignments, pencils, books, or tools
    • is forgetful in daily activities
    • rarely follows instructions carefully \t\t and completely
    But it's mad weird for me because i lose almost everyone one of these symptoms when smoking bud. It's like surprising because one would think something like weed would be distracting, when infact it calms my mind and chills me and and i could get work done mad good.

    i still am mad forgetfull though, regardless of marijuana intake.

    so a question:

    what should i do about this?

    because i have been smoking weed for a while and have been paying more attention in school...

    but i just got caught a couple days ago and it's coming back mad bad.

    infact i find that i sometimes overconcentrate sooooo much that i forget what the fuck i am doing like ill be reading and ill get to the end of the paragraph and i haven't even read it... my mind's somewhere else.

    In a perfect world i would just keep smoking, but ihave been caught 3 times and the 3rd time the rents reallllyyyyy got pissed and took away all my shit
  2. I also have ADD as well as Tourrette's syndrome, and basically since you just have ADD there are about 3 different pills you could take that would help a lot just talk to your doctor. ADD is as common as being left handed its not like its that big of a deal or anything you will be fine. Also the main reason why you are more focused and such when you are high is because that is what you believe in so it happens, placebo effect plain and simple.
  3. My friend; Darian has ADD, pot keeps him balanced.
  4. Bring this up to your doctor for medication. Try the pills if you don't like them check and see if your state has MMJ and see if a prescribing doctor can help you. I got ADHD and 72mg keeps my mind focused.

    Maybe I misunderstood placebo but how could this be an example of the placebo effect? I thought it was when a sugar pill, or something that does nothing to your body physically or chemically, was introduced as a product that would have "x" effects. Since pot does effect you I don't see how that could work as a placebo.
  5. Placbeo effect my ass: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj72e5q61Fs

    turns out you can get fucking MMJ for it in CA hahahahha
  6. My father is exactly the same, but it turns out he aparently "went to a doctor a couple years ago and the doctor informed him he didn't have ADD"

    which is fucking bullshit in my opinion.

    my dad is fucking textbook example of someone with ADD. same with my grandfather. Shit's passed down through genetics.

    and my mom insists "Oh you don't have ADD you just eat sugary food" or "you're faking it! you want to have ADD!"

    which is all fucking bullshit.

  7. ADD is not a real disease. There is no medical tests, no proof. It is an excuse to medicate and control people. Its also a huuuge business. When they come out with scientific evidence that there is something medically wrong then i will believe in ADD. Right now all it is is observation and written tests. This is all just my opinion so i hope no one gets their panties in a bunch. :)

  8. Your right it isn't a disease. Its a psychological disorder.

    By your reasoning OCD, Schizophrenia, Depression, etc are all fake. No panties in the bunch here just stating some info. Might I also add since you don't have it you can't really say if its real or not....
  9. Also, i tried vyvanse and adderall XR a few times, and of course it helped, but it made me fucking hyper as hell. I'm usually really chill and lazy... a procrasinator of sorts... and i don't think that if i got those pills i'd want to take them all the time... bad shit especially daily omg...

  10. im not sure about OCD (which i do have) but schizophrenia and depression are proved to be caused by chemical and neurological abnormalities. ADD is characterized by a set of diagnostics a bunch of scientists made up after observation. Yes there are some people who have brain defects that cause real ADD but thats not what everyone here is talking about. It is a rare occurrence where someone who is diagnosed with ADD has brain defects. The amount of people being diagnosed nowadays with ADD is extraordinary. If you are extremely impulsive, hyperactive and/or inattentive and you go to a doctor you will most likely be diagnosed with ADD.

    i just feel that everyone is being diagnosed with this disorder.

  11. If they made you hyper chances are you don't have ADD/ADHD. They work on people with the disorder but act as speed to everyone else.
  12. Well actually now that i think about it, the first time it made me really hyper, 2nd decently hyper, and then i had 8 left and over those 8 days i felt no hyperness, just concentration. I got those pills illegally though :0. not from a doctor. They were 50 Mg Vyvyanse.
  13. Not true. Most ADD medications amphetamine based except for like Stratera. So you do get kinda of hyper no matter what.

    I have ADD and when i take my adderall i get a little jittery but only for as long as the pill last or until i smoke.

  14. No, you get hyper if your taking too much of the medication or if you don't have the disorder. If your level of medication is making you hyper then you need to lower the dose. It is supposed to make you focused and intent not hyper.

    The speed part of the drug is to change your brain function so it works at "normal speed." If you become hyper then it isn't doing its job now is it?

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