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  1. I would swear to God that i've found a cure for the common cold.
    Tokin up. No joke.
    I've been sick for about a week, and I've had to go to classes for every day and I felt like shit: sore throat, sinus headache, stuffy nose, phlegm in the lungs, trouble with ears popping.
    So when a friend asked me to smoke, I didn't really know how it would go. According to the doctors I wasn't contagious as of Wed, so it was ok to smoke a bowl with him.
    So he packs it, and I feel pretty good while smoking. Well, the bowl was a little larger than expected for just the two of us, and so I got pretty ripped.
    But, I felt amazing. Literally, the entire time I was high, I totally forgot that I had a cold. Amazing.
    Anyone else ever done this? Or was it just the fact that I was high?;)
  2. I was really sick and out for a week.

    Everyday that I smoked I got better.
  3. a toke a day keeps the doctor away..
  4. A bowl a day keeps the psychologist away :)
  5. YES DUDE!
    I just got off like a mad cold I was running a fever and I smoked and it went down
    what I did was check it...hit my bong then wait like 10 minutes and checked it again it was down lol
    ok and then I smoked and it helped the sinus or whatever headache I had
    I didn't cough as much as I was usally besides the bong rip lol. but yeah dude idk if it's just me and you but I think weed is a nice cure for the common cold..
    PLUS I just got this chillum and man I swear I could smoke all day with it its so sweet.
    OH yeah my cold was all - Stuffed nose, fever, headache, coughing, sneezing, aches,
    I couldn't get to sleep at night most of the time becus I felt like a ROCK so I smoked and I did ...man I love marijuana.

  6. Weed helped from being high and from non high stuff too. The sore throat and any aches and pains helped from being high. The other parts of a cold like congestion helped because weed opens up blood vessels and airways. I have smoked weed during a cold too, and have enjoyed the high and felt better.
  7. well i currently DO have a cold/ sore throat / headache / stuffy nose / and general aches, and i can say that smoking does calm and "numb" the pain but once the high goes away i feel like utter shit. Smoking just doesn't seem like it would actually heal just mask the symptoms.

  8. I don't really care for smoking while I have a cold, but as far as I'm concerned, eating a few special brownies a day while you're sick is the best thing possible.
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    Well all cold medicine just gives temporary relief. When this question comes up I always say this: One of my favorite highs of all time (like top 3) came during a cold. And no you dont feel any worse than you would have anyway if you hadnt smoked after the high is over
  10. I dunno, whenever I get high, my pains seem amplified rather than dimmed. Like right now I have a tooth ache and whenever I'm high, it hurts like a motherfucker and it's all I can concentrate on.
  11. Probably because your causing suction on the tooth by taking bong hits/pipe/joint. Rather than actually being high.

  12. That is so wierd I have never heard of someone having amplified pain from weed. One time I was completley baked out of my mind at a party and got bit by a dog with blood on the floor and someone started saying something about the blood and I didnt even realize it was my blood or I had been bit until I looked at my finger a realized it had blood on it (though it wasnt a severe puncture wound, just a scratching bite, but still I didnt even know I had come in contact with the dog, let alone being bit. Another time I was scratched by a dart on my hand while high and it didnt hurt very much. But weed effects me in ways that seem odd to others so I guess we all have certain things that weed does to us that is different than others get.

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