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A cure for the sore throat after smoking!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by zBUDz23, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. I found it out yesterday while me and my girl were high on my bed. Eat an Apple! Not only does it taste like a Greek God's ball sack (meaning awesome.. yeah i'im high.:smoking::smoking:) but it gets rid of the sore throat! I ate 2 and i was fine to even keep smoking.
    Good luck!:)

    (sorry if someone else posted a finding like this i thought it may be a first):smoking::(
  2. Lol cool, guess what I'm about to go do? :p
  3. lol or get a drink? haha ill try an apple! green apples are the shit!
  4. I'll be trying this.
  5. haha a Greek gods ball sack?
    that just made my day :smoking:
  6. smoking weed + eating an apple is awesome.
  7. thank you for this piece of information... i intend to use it.:wave:
  8. There is no better post smoke snack then a nice piece of fruit in my opinion. They're great cottonmouth cures as well.
  9. dude romans > greeks
  10. Best part is when you make a pipe out of an apple, then eat said apple after your smoke sesh. It's a pipe, cottonmouth cure, and munchie all in one!

  11. Mm chewy resin center :yummy:
  12. Beat me to it. I started making them when I was out of a piece but then realized its actually an AWESOME way to smoke, then after you eat it and it cures MUNCHIES and SORE THROAT. and tastes absolutely delicious :D
  13. word.
  14. I was born in Limasol Cyprus..which is half greek half turkish. so ofcourse I have to go with
    Greeks > Romans :p

  15. Or roman balls. Dude whatever floats your boat haha. Who am I to judge?
  16. Eat a mango as well :) then go smoke some more!
  17. I'm eating an apple right now!

    Feel a killer of a sore throat coming on. Got an empty for the next 4 days and best bud is back from travellig so can't be having a sore throat now!
  18. I just drink some purple drank.. that always seems to cure my sore throat for whatever reason :rolleyes:
  19. ive always found that hitting a bong never gives me a sore throat, but apples are good haha
  20. everytime i smoke a bowl i get awful sore throat
    apple sounds amazing right now

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