A critique of modern politics

Discussion in 'Politics' started by g0pher, May 4, 2011.

  1. Politics contains so many gross faults that it is somewhat difficult to even find a proper place to begin.

    Premise: The electorate in general are not highly educated and especially have little or no knowledge in regard to philosophy, ethics, moral or politics.
    Premise: Most people are hedonistic and not altruistic, including politicians.

    Politics is not designed from the ground up taking into account these premises, politics in fact does not take these premises into account at all.

    In modern politics suffrage is granted with only the most minuscule restrictions, even though it is a known fact that most people are not suited for voting.
    In modern politics the title politician is granted without any noteworthy education or even training.
    In modern politics the title politician is granted, even though the person in question could be a psychopath.

    Why does not modern politics only grant suffrage after taking a written, comprehensive exam? How can suffrage be trusted with a person who is likely to not understand the consequences of voting for this or that party?
    Why does not modern politics require a heavy education to become a politician? Why shouldn't it be compulsory for any politician to have a strong background from a university with selected topics such as history, philosophy, ethics and moral, religion and more?
    Why does not modern politics ensure that any politician is a person with altruistic qualities? Why is it a good thing to create a breeding ground for corrupt politicians?

    Would you grant someone the right to drive a car without a driver's license? Probably not, then why would you grant someone the right to decide how a country is going to make its laws, and perhaps even wage war? To me the very idea to allow someone with no clue whatsoever decide the fate of an entire country is sheer madness.

    I think everyone should be given the right to vote, but ONLY if they are capable of making an informed choice. This written exam should be possible to take as many times as one would like, it should be set at a skill level that wouldn't be insurmountable to the average determined person, and the entire project should be financed through a reasonable examination fee based on financial wealth.
  2. So if your stupid, you should not be allowed to vote.....there goes the majority of the United States.

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