A crazy story about my first time today.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jon46, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I did weed for the first time today and I did mabye 10 or 12 hits.
    I was with some friends in the woods and it was my first time, We just passed it around, It was me and 2 other regular stoners. So I keep taking hit after hit because I didnt know if it was working or not. So once were done we walk through the woods and stuff to get to the road to go home (were 18 and have no cars so we had to walk home). While like halfway through walking Some weird hallucination of me walking came on me for like 3 times, And I was like "Wtf was that" then I knew it was coming. So about 10 seconds after that were almost to the road and everything was in slowmotion and it felt crazy. But Once were walking on the road I feel like im dreaming and nothing is real, and about every 3-5 seconds I would
    go in this weird state where I felt like I was sleeping and my real body was still sleeping. So we get home and after like 5 mins of chilling Im not myself I was litterly like a 5yr with autism or something, Like I would think I was in home depot screaming for my chair that I paid 45 dollars for. After that I starting toning down but still couldnt walk without tripping balls. This all happened mabye 5 hours ago. Scariest part about that is trying to walk along cars while you feel like your just sleeping and everything slow motion.

    And just one question Has anyone ever experienced a high like that, Feeling like your sleeping.
  2. Your Fifteen?

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  3. Bro you just smoked to much , especially for your first time. Take a couple hits and let it creep in, if it doesn't take a couple more. I feel very relaxed, happy and everything is amusing.
  4. You gotta be 18 to be here, might want to edit that ;)

    But welcome to GC anyways man. You deffinetly smoked too much for your first time, but that happens to a lot of people. My first time, it was just like you explained. Everything was going in slow motion like really slow frames everytime you turn your head.

    Hope I made sense, but yeah dude, keep smoking, you'll like it :)
  5. Woops typo there.
  6. Yeah. The first few times are the most intense, and the best. After that you kinda start knowing what to expect so you don't trip balls as much.

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    i hate wildwill
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  9. "i did weed" lmao
  10. Similar shit happened to me first time I got high. Scared the shit out of me, but I've learned to just have fun while high now.
  11. Sorry, just not a big fan of that rule. But rules are rules I guess :confused_2:
  12. Well, the OP has been banned, so I don't think we need this thread any longer.
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