A Couple Things to Watch Out For.

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  1. Here in Illinois, we have an abundance of wildlife and with this wildlife, comes outdoorsmen, hunters, and hikers. Unfortunately, those same people pose a threat to our grows, especially in the spring.

    If you grow on or around private properties, always be sure to keep an eye out for trail-cams. The owner will set them up to monitor the game movement in the area. Your face won't look so good on the hard drive. Look for treestands or ground-blinds when you scout your grow area. If you find a couple, you know you have hunters. Regardless of season, it is good to always have your eyes open for these kinds of things.

    In addition, more hunters, hikers, and outdoorsmen are active in the spring. The late spring months are usually wild turkey hunting season in most areas. Mushroom hunters always take to the woods during the spring stalking their prey. Hikers are always anxious to hit the trails after the winter. All these people are capable of stumbling upon your grow.

    Make sure to know you grow area and select an area based on your needs.

    Vaped a bowl and thought this might be helpful.

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